The Iron Giant
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The Iron Giant (Character)
from The Iron Giant (1999)

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The Iron Giant (1999)
The Iron Giant: I am not a gun.

Dean McCoppin: Get back! I said get back! I mean it!
The Iron Giant: No. Stop. Wait.
Hogarth Hughes: It was an accident. He's our friend.
Dean McCoppin: He's a piece of hardware, Hogarth. Why did you think the army was here? He's a weapon, a big... big gun that walks.
The Iron Giant: I... I not gun.
Dean McCoppin: Yeah? Then what's that?
[Points at huge hole the Giant's ray left on a bus]
Dean McCoppin: You almost did that to Hogarth!
The Iron Giant: No!
[Runs away]
Hogarth Hughes: Wait!
[Runs after the Giant]
Dean McCoppin: Hogarth!
Hogarth Hughes: Come back!
Dean McCoppin: [sees the toy gun Hogarth left on the ground] It was being defensive. He reacted to the gun.

[as the Giant flies toward the missle]
Hogarth Hughes: [in the Giant's mind] You are who you choose to be.
The Iron Giant: Superman.

Hogarth Hughes: I know you feel bad about the deer, but it's not your fault. Things die. That's part of life. It's bad to kill, but it's not bad to die.
The Iron Giant: You die?
Hogarth Hughes: Well, yes, someday.
The Iron Giant: I die?
Hogarth Hughes: I don't know. You're made of metal, but you have feelings, and you think about things, and that means you have a soul. And souls don't die.
The Iron Giant: Soul?
Hogarth Hughes: Mom says it's something inside of all good things, and that it goes on forever and ever.
[Hogarth leaves. The Iron Giant lays back to look at the stars]
The Iron Giant: Souls don't die.

Hogarth Hughes: [seeing the shot deer] It's dead.
The Iron Giant: Dead?
[the Giant tries to pick up the deer]
Hogarth Hughes: Don't do that!
The Iron Giant: But... why?
Hogarth Hughes: It's dead, understand? They shot it, with that gun.
[the Giant looks at the gun; his eyes narrow and turn red]
Hogarth Hughes: Hey, are you all right?
The Iron Giant: [snaps out of it] Gun.
Hogarth Hughes: Yes. Guns kill.
The Iron Giant: Guns kill.

The Iron Giant: No Atomo... I Superman!

Hogarth Hughes: I thought you might like, you know, a bedtime story. I have some really cool ones. Mad Magazine - very funny. The Spirit - very cool. Boy's Life - eh. Oh, here. This is Superman. He's a lot like you. Crash-landed on Earth, didn't know what he was doing... but he only uses his powers for good, never for evil. Remember that.
[Giant looks at a comic with a robot like himself on the cover]
Hogarth Hughes: Oh, that's Atomo, the metal menace. He's not a hero, he's a villain. But you're not like him. You're a good guy, like Superman.
The Iron Giant: Super... man.

Hogarth Hughes: Can you talk? You know, words? Blah, blah, blah, like that? Can you do that, blah, blah, blah?
The Iron Giant: [very rusty] Blah, blah, blah.
Hogarth Hughes: Well, you get the idea, anyway.

Hogarth Hughes: [picking up a rock] See this? This is called a rock. Rock.
The Iron Giant: [a little rusty] Rock.
Hogarth Hughes: Good.
The Iron Giant: [picks up a boulder] Rock?
Hogarth Hughes: Yes!
The Iron Giant: [picks up a tree] Rock.
Hogarth Hughes: No, no. That is a tree. Rock... tree. Get it?
The Iron Giant: Rock... tree.
Hogarth Hughes: That's right!

Hogarth Hughes: Hey, Dean! Watch this!
Dean McCoppin: All right, we're watching.
Hogarth Hughes: This one's for professionals only! Banzai!
[dives into lake, starts shivering]
Hogarth Hughes: Come on in! The water's... great.
Dean McCoppin: No, thanks.
Hogarth Hughes: You... weenie!
[to the Giant]
Hogarth Hughes: Come on in. It's really, really refreshing.
[the Giant walks away]
Hogarth Hughes: What? You too? You... big baby!
The Iron Giant: [the sound of the Giant running is heard; suddenly he jumps into the water] Banzai!

The Iron Giant: [as a nuclear missile is headed for Rockwell] I fix.
Hogarth Hughes: Giant?
The Iron Giant: Hogarth. I go. You stay.
[lifts Hogarth's chin with a finger and waves his other finger at him]
The Iron Giant: No following.
Hogarth Hughes: I love you.
[the Giant takes off to intercept the rocket]