Dot Woods
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Dot Woods (Character)
from The Interpreter (2005)

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The Interpreter (2005)
Dot Woods: [working security during a lap dance in a strip club] Ma'am, ma'am, excuse me, please don't touch the Prime Minister. I need you to step back, please.

Dot Woods: Secret Service.
UN Security Guard: Just a moment please.
Dot Woods: We're with Foreign Dignitary Protection. It's a branch of the United States government
Tobin Keller: Dot.
UN Security Guard: You're not in the United States, this is international territory. I need you to wait for an escort.

Dot Woods: [to Toban as she notices explosives are attached to the light switch after she nearly turned on the light] Now that's just rude.

Dot Woods: [to Tobin about Sylvia] Are we using her as bait?

Jay Pettigrew: Keller? Go home and get some sleep.
Tobin Keller: I'm gonna stay here and wait for her.
Jay Pettigrew: Like hell you are. I need you awake tomorrow morning. Woods?
Dot Woods: Hold on.
Jay Pettigrew: Get him home.

Dot Woods: [to Tobin] They're not our family, and they're not our friends. You told me that.

FBI Agent Lewis: We're on loan...
Dot Woods: Which means they have to be returned in the same condition, or we don't get our money back.