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Quotes for
Robin Sparrow (Character)
from The Number 23 (2007)

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The Number 23 (2007)
Walter Sparrow: You're Topsy Kretts...
Agatha Sparrow: [Flashback] He may not even be a man.
Agatha Sparrow: Please don't make me do this...
Walter Sparrow: Do what, Ag? Why'd you do this?
[dumps out her purse]
Walter Sparrow: Who am I LIVING WITH?
Walter Sparrow: [finding a knife in her purse, laughing in disbelief] What's this for, Ag? What are you going to do with this?
Agatha Sparrow: I... I took it to protect us. From... whoever we were going to meet at the mailbox facility.
Walter Sparrow: Intending to kill that poor old man who you got to publish your book? To protect your little secret?
Agatha Sparrow: [Flashback] I'll take care of it!
Walter Sparrow: [Present] He was ALIVE before you sent us away!
Agatha Sparrow: Robin will hear you.
Walter Sparrow: Oh, we wouldn't want that, would we? We wouldn't want our son to know the horrible truth about his mother!
Robin Sparrow: [walks in] Mom? Dad? What's going on?
Walter Sparrow: She's Topsy Kretts; she wrote the book!
Agatha Sparrow: No, it's not true. Now your father's going to put down the knife. Aren't you, Walter?
Walter Sparrow: Tell him the truth.
Agatha Sparrow: Walter...
Walter Sparrow: Tell him... how you took the skeleton.
Agatha Sparrow: Yes, Isaac and I took the skeleton...
Robin Sparrow: You did?
Agatha Sparrow: And I'd do it again! But I did not write the book.
Walter Sparrow: Don't lie! 13 years. 13 years of lies! NO MORE!
Agatha Sparrow: Don't do this to us, Walter!
Robin Sparrow: Mom, who wrote the book?
Walter Sparrow: Tell him who wrote it.
Walter Sparrow: [whispering] Tell him.
Agatha Sparrow: ...You wrote the book, Walter.

Robin Sparrow: Skeletons can't just get up and walk away! You were right. That man wasn't the killer, the real killer is still out there and he knows dads onto him.