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Operations (Character)
from "La Femme Nikita" (1997)

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"La Femme Nikita: Missing (#1.18)" (1997)
[first lines]
[someone knocks at Nikita's door; she grabs her gun and open it]
Operations: You're alone?
Nikita: Yes.
Operations: You can put that down, if you like.
Operations: [after a while] There's a briefing scheduled for tomorrow morning.
Nikita: Oh, yes, I know.

Operations: How the life you had before the Section? That of the living out on the streets and eating of the garbage cans?
Nikita: [shouting] I've paid for your bloody diplomat classes a hundred times over!

Operations: You have my word.
Nikita: Good. Good. And you have mine. I will be taking steps to protect myself. So, if you double-cross me, the last thing on this Earth that you want, will happen. I will set-up personally, do you understand?
Operations: [laughing] Ahh, we've trained you well, Nikita.
Nikita: [as she opens the door] I'm tired.

Operations: That subject is closed, Nikita. Just keep him alive. Meet me after the mission, I said true that you'll free of the Section forever. And now, we have a briefing.
Nikita: I don't know if I can keep him alive.
Operations: What do you're talking about?
Nikita: Well, when the shooting start, Steven can it realize that he has been betrayed, and, cause me to choose between him and Michael...
Operations: You are the one that wants to be free.

"La Femme Nikita: Verdict (#1.21)" (1997)
Operations: This is an important mission, Michael. It's about protecting Mijovich. Is not about revenge.
Michael Samuelle: I not let personal considerations interfere with my work.

[first lines]
Operations: Jovan Mijovich, recently elected Premier of his new nation, after a decade of bloody chaos. Some of you may... remember him from a... earlier assignment. He said he remembers some of you.

Seymour Birkoff: Vakul was a small town in the North. Five years ago, while the men were away fighting, the women and children were wiped out by a group of commandos from the opposite side. The men swore vengeance. Their leader was named Zoran Bruner.
Operations: In other words, we were outflanked by a collection of farmers.

Seymour Birkoff: Who is the hitter?
Operations: Rogue's newcomer named Griffin. So new we don't have a physical description.
Operatve at first Briefing: Any good?
Operations: Good enough to take out Michael's source with a sophisticated car bomb, though, fortunately for us, not before the intel was passed on.

"La Femme Nikita: End Game (#2.22)" (1998)
Operations: Human nature doesn't change Nikita. The Dark Ages were a thousand years of chaos, war, famine and disease; you think that won't happen again because we have computers, and jet planes and cellular phones? Think again.

Nikita: Operations, is that what it's about, controlling the world?
Operations: We will control whatever we have to, to prevent the Dark Ages from descending again on the human race.

"La Femme Nikita: Gates of Hell (#3.4)" (1999)
[last lines]
Madeline: Brevich is dead, Michael back in the fold. Congratulations.
Operations: Thank you.
Madeline: It was a huge risk. Could have ended very badly.
Operations: But it didn't.
Madeline: I doubt it's gonna be that simple. There's nothing keeping them apart now.
Operations: When I was a boy, my father and I were hunters. We had two retrievers. Good dogs, very fond of each other. Being close kept them content and efficient, but occasionally it interfered with the hunt.
Madeline: How did you deal with it?
Operations: A system of rewards and punishments, as with any living creature.
Madeline: Did it work?
Operations: For a while. Eventually, we had to put one of them to sleep.

Operations: You of all people aren't going to warn me against playing God?
Madeline: No. Provided we do a decent job of it. God doesn't make clumsy mistakes.
Operations: Nonsense. Scientists say 90% of the species ever created on this planet are now extinct. That's a ten percent success rate. Ours are much higher than that. End of discussion.

"La Femme Nikita: Slipping Into Darkness (#3.9)" (1999)
[last lines]
Madeline: Things were well.
Operations: Yes, perfectlly.
Operations: Michael's skills were... impressive.
Madeline: Yes, they were.
Operations: He may just have what it takes to do this job.
Madeline: Your successor?
[Operations nods]
Madeline: I don't think he has a ambition.
Operations: Ohh, he's got it. It's just does not know it yet.

Philo: [locked to a chair] If my hands were free, I would applaud you.
Operations: I accept the compliment.
Philo: Eight years spending occult, and never once that I feel the need to surface.
Operations: And trust can be our greatest weakness.
Philo: You went to extreme meds to find me. Mentally and... physically, you put your own life on the line.
Operations: It was worth it.
Philo: What happens now?
Operations: You've been watching, paying attention, you tell me.

"La Femme Nikita: Recruit (#1.13)" (1997)
Nikita: Why am I watching this?
Madeline: She's at the end of her training. She comes at term in two weeks.
Nikita: So?
Operations: Would like you to handle her evaluation.
Nikita: What does that mean?
Operations: It's up to you to decide wether or not she is... Section material.
[Nikita looka at him]
Madeline: If you approve, she'll be awarded Operative status.
Nikita: And if I... don't?
Madeline: She'll be canceled.
Nikita: Wow, it... this isn't my job, Brian trained her.
Madeline: We've chosen you.
Nikita: *Why*?
Operations: Your time.
Madeline: Karyn's not the only being tested here.
Nikita: Please, don't make me do this.
Operations: You have... two weeks.

[last lines]
Madeline: I think... Lahar would make a great addition to hosekeeping team.
Operations: Yes, Lahar, Kelly, X, they'll be great. I think it...
[he hears Nikita coming in, turning to her]
Operations: Have you made your decision about Karyn?
Nikita: Yes, I have.
Operations: And?
Nikita: [after a while] Cancel her.
Madeline: She's already been cancelled.
Nikita: What you are talking about? I just spoke with her.
Madeline: It doesn't take long.
Nikita: But I hadn't made my decision yet.
Madeline: It wasn't your decision.
Nikita: What does it mean?
Madeline: An operative's resolve and judgement are as important as her tactical skills. We knew Karyn would be a problem. We wanted to see if you came to the same conclusion.
Nikita: If I hadn't?
Operations: Then we would had two problems.

"La Femme Nikita: Escape (#1.8)" (1997)
Michael Samuelle: What are the chances of a trading?
Operations: Considering Perez's men have been dead for several months, not too good.

[last lines]
Operations: Prepare a plan and a shadow team. Will need a psychological profile on all the major players including...
[Nikita comes on angrily, and slams some pieces of equipment on the briefing desk]
Operations: [surprised] What is this?
Nikita: [angry] Your cameras. I'm not having in my apartment anymore.
Operations: Your not?
Nikita: No. And if you don't like it, you can...
Operations: [shouting] We can what?
Nikita: Cancel me, because I'd rather be dead than watched like an animal in the zoo!
Operations: Are you sure about that?
Nikita: I'm very sure.
Operations: Cancel surveillance on Nikita, at least for the time being. Now, where were we?

"La Femme Nikita: Voices (#1.19)" (1997)
Nikita: Are we debriefing?
Operations: No. You have a mess to cleanup first.
Nikita: I'll get ready.

"La Femme Nikita: Sympathy for the Devil (#4.7)" (2000)
Operations: This terrain may be *your* house, Carlo... everything else... everything *outside this door*... it's mine.

"La Femme Nikita: War (#1.17)" (1997)
Operations: [on a phone call] Why not, George? That's not good enough! We are under fire, their not! Then bring it to then, get it signed off! I *don't* need to hear that, this conversation is over, George.
[hangs up the phone angrily]
Walter: Let me guess. Are hanging us out to dry.
Operations: In effect.
Walter: I knew it. They'll treat us like an infected limb. Cut us off without an eye blinking.
Operations: No one's getting cut off.
Walter: [laughing] Jo, jo, jo. Do you believe that?

"La Femme Nikita: Let No Man Put Asunder (#5.7)" (2001)
Kate Quinn: Where are Michael and Nikita?
Operations: Out shopping for a bedroom set, I suppose. How should I know?

"La Femme Nikita: Brainwash (#1.20)" (1997)
[first lines]
Operations: Jason Darrow, a freelance weapons dealer, was picked up yesterday in the Mediterranean.
Michael Samuelle: I thought he was in Argentina. What is he doing in the Mediterranean?
Operations: Floating. Greek fisherman picked up Darrow's body in one of his nets.

"La Femme Nikita: Spec Ops (#2.2)" (1998)
Operations: [upset] Every movement was a hit. The computer was yours. What happened?
Michael Samuelle: By the time I'd secured the room, they had destroyed the computer.
Operations: What's going on, Michael?
Michael Samuelle: Nothing.
Operations: When Nikita was missing, you had a rough time. And now she's back, you're having another.
Michael Samuelle: Has nothing to do with Nikita.
Operations: You of all people should know the dangers of an emotional involvement with colleagues. Is anything you want to tell me, Michael?
Michael Samuelle: No.

"La Femme Nikita: First Mission (#2.10)" (1998)
Operations: This is not a scout trip Nikita, there are no merit badges for fair play.

"La Femme Nikita: Innocent (#1.12)" (1997)
Michael Samuelle: He don't want to meet.
Operations: Did you? The head of the largest domestic anti-terrorist task force is about to perpetrate the unthinkable.

"La Femme Nikita: View of the Garden (#4.3)" (2000)
Operations: [put his hand on Walter's shoulder; he fright] Nervous?
Walter: Maybe it's just that last cup of coffee.
Operations: All I came here is to ease your mind.
Walter: They'll be a first.
Operations: You're aware that Michael has effectively declared war on Section?
Walter: I'm aware there's a war, but I'm not sure who declared it.

"La Femme Nikita: Rescue (#1.11)" (1997)
Operations: Congratulations on a successful mission. Chemical weapons plant, was completely destroyed.
Nikita: What about Michael?
Operations: Overnight analysis suggests, one chance on three that he is alive. And even if he is, one chance on ten of bringing him out. He'll be missed.
Nikita: [annoyed] That's it?
Operations: Yes, that's it.
Nikita: "He'll be missed".
[after a while]
Nikita: I don't care about the odds. I'll go back for him. I'm sure the others will too.
Operations: I wish I could send you.

"La Femme Nikita: Hell Hath No Fury (#4.12)" (2000)
Operations: Is that all he said you?
Madeline: Yes. He lied. You are aware of the significance of that lie? It means one of the men in that room, is Leon. I've got him.

"La Femme Nikita: Choice (#1.10)" (1997)
Operations: Heroin deal went bad two days ago. Buyers and sellers were slaughtered. We need to find the people who perpetrated the rip-off.
Madeline: We're suddenly chasing street criminals?
Operations: This is as serious as it get. They were C. I. A.

"La Femme Nikita: Nikita (#1.1)" (1997)
Operations: Michael, about Nikita.
Michael: What about her?
Operations: I've been watching her. She lacks *discipline*.
Michael: She needs a little more time.
Operations: Been two years. That's our policy. We start making exceptions, we're not better than the C. I. A... Cancel her.

"La Femme Nikita: On Borrowed Time (#3.22)" (1999)
Walter: You wanted to see me?
Operations: Yes. Michael and Nikita deceived us. You helped them.
Walter: Okey, spare me the excerpts from the owner's manual, do whatever you gonna do and just... get on with it!

"La Femme Nikita: Friend (#1.2)" (1997)
[first lines]
[a prisoner is bring into containment yelling and fighting]
Michael Samuelle: Who do you work for?
[Operations enter]
Michael Samuelle: Do you make the bomb, or do you set it off? You know how many people you killed tonight? I promise you this will be the worst day of your life. But it doesn't has to be the last.
Michael Samuelle: Who do you work for?
Prisoner: Jovan Mijovich will die.
Michael Samuelle: How do you know Mijovich is coming?
Prisoner: We know everything we need to know.
Michael Samuelle: Who is "we"?
Michael Samuelle: [to the guardians] Whatever it takes.
Operations: [seeing prisoner killing himself] What is he doing? Stop him!
Michael Samuelle: [after looking at the prisoner] Cyanide capsule hiding in a tooth.
Operations: Then we don't have much time. You work every contact you know. Assemble the team.
[he leaves, angry]