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Nikita (Character)
from La Femme Nikita (1990)

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Point of No Return (1993)
Maggie: I never did mind about the little things.

Maggie: Oh, I think she's saying, "Stick it in me twice a day, and I'll do anything for you. I'll lick the ground you walk on."

Maggie: How about you kiss my ass right in the crack?

[in disguise as Angela]
Maggie: For Christ's sake, give me a fucking break and open ze stupid gate!

[Bob is waiting for Maggie as she returns from an 'assignment']
Bob: How are you?
Maggie: I just blew up a hotel. How the hell do you think I am?

Bob: Why do you talk so dirty, Maggie?
Maggie: Why do you talk so faggy, Bob?

Bob: You stupid ignorant little girl. You think you can just pout and decide that you don't want to play anymore? I mean where do you think you are? Don't you understand anything that I've said?
Maggie: I mean it.
Bob: You don't know what you're talking about.
Maggie: I'm through! I'm out!
Bob: Listen, which word don't you understand? There is no out, there is no through, there is no out!

Maggie: So... you're going to give me this 'chance.' What do I got to do?
Bob: Learn, Maggie. Learn to speak properly; learn to stand up straight for a start. Then languages, computers, and so on. Do something to help your country for a change.
Maggie: What if I'm not interested?
Bob: Row 48, Plot 12.

Karate Instructor: [does some karate moves and assumes a fighting stance] I've taken my guard. See if you can hit my face.
Maggie: [starts to circle the instructor, waving her hands and making sounds like Bruce Lee] Hooooo. Waaa!
Karate Instructor: Come on. COme on.
[Maggie continues circling and making the noises and hand motions]
Karate Instructor: Hit me. Come on. Hit me.
[Puzzled and impatient, the instructor looks away from Maggie, lowering his guard]
Karate Instructor: [frustrated] Aah.
[the instructor turns back to Maggie and she decks him right in the nose, knocking him down]

Bob: Ask Me why im so serious
Maggie: Why are you so serious?
Bob: Cos iv'e got serious stuff to tell you Maggie for Margaret.

"La Femme Nikita: Missing (#1.18)" (1997)
[first lines]
[someone knocks at Nikita's door; she grabs her gun and open it]
Operations: You're alone?
Nikita: Yes.
Operations: You can put that down, if you like.
Operations: [after a while] There's a briefing scheduled for tomorrow morning.
Nikita: Oh, yes, I know.

Steven Wolfe: You tell me that a security guard has access?
Nikita: I've got some help on the inside.
Steven Wolfe: Then, why you need us?
Nikita: 'Cause you get access to the biggest buyers. We provide the merchandise, you provide the market. Sounds like a good plan.

Steven Wolfe: Why?
Nikita: Curiosity.
Steven Wolfe: Is not what killed the cat?
Nikita: Aha, but the cat have nine lives.

Operations: How the life you had before the Section? That of the living out on the streets and eating of the garbage cans?
Nikita: [shouting] I've paid for your bloody diplomat classes a hundred times over!

Operations: You have my word.
Nikita: Good. Good. And you have mine. I will be taking steps to protect myself. So, if you double-cross me, the last thing on this Earth that you want, will happen. I will set-up personally, do you understand?
Operations: [laughing] Ahh, we've trained you well, Nikita.
Nikita: [as she opens the door] I'm tired.

Nikita: Took you any guarantees against the double-cross?
Steven Wolfe: Got any suggestions?
Nikita: Yes. Tell 'em the top man should make the buy personally.
Steven Wolfe: How that can us help?
Nikita: Well. if the boss man is there, fireworks are a lot less likely.
Steven Wolfe: You remind me of my father.

Operations: That subject is closed, Nikita. Just keep him alive. Meet me after the mission, I said true that you'll free of the Section forever. And now, we have a briefing.
Nikita: I don't know if I can keep him alive.
Operations: What do you're talking about?
Nikita: Well, when the shooting start, Steven can it realize that he has been betrayed, and, cause me to choose between him and Michael...
Operations: You are the one that wants to be free.

"Nikita: Pilot (#1.1)" (2010)
[first line of series]
Nikita: [voice-over] My name is Nikita. Six years ago, I was taken out of prison and forced by a covert unit of the government to be an assassin. Three years ago I escaped, and have been hunted ever since. I was the first recruit to get out. I'm going to make certain I'm not the last.

Gary: Nikita, baby, that was ten years ago.
Nikita: It was eleven, I'm 27 now. And if you call me baby again, I'll break something else.

Nikita: I had just turned 18, so that were able to charge me with murder one. I was sentenced to die by lethal injection.
Gary: No friggin' way!
Nikita: Trust me, you'll wanna save your "no friggin' way" for the next part...

Nikita: Don't call me Niki.
Seymour Birkhoff: Then don't call me Nerd.

Nikita: I want you to know I can get to you and hit you where it hurts the most.
Percy: My feelings?
Nikita: Your funding.

[last lines]
Nikita: Here we go...

La Femme Nikita (1990)
Marco: You know this could dangerous.
Nikita: What's the worst that could happen?
Marco: Leftovers?

Nikita: Why ain't my mother here?

Nikita: Mister, is this heaven here or not?

[after Nikita obliterates her target with a large automatic pistol]
Professeur de tir: You've used one of these before?
Nikita: Not on paper.

Bob: You died Saturday at 5:00 p.m. The prison doctor confirmed suicide after an overdose of tranquillizers. You're buried in Maisons-Alfort, row 8, plot 30.
Nikita: [looking at pictures of her funeral] Titi... That's Titi!
Bob: I work, let's say, for the government. We've decided to give you another chance.
Nikita: What do I do?
Bob: Learn. Learn to read, walk, talk, smile and even fight. Learn to do everything.
Nikita: What for?
Bob: To serve your country.
Nikita: What if I don't want to?
Bob: Row 8, Plot 30.

"La Femme Nikita: Nikita (#1.1)" (1997)
Michael: We start tomorrow, 5 am.
Nikita: And if I don't want to?
Michael: [pointing to picture of a cemetery] Row 8, plot 30.

Nikita: I'm not a killer.
Michael: In the moment I believe that, Nikita, you're canceled.

Nikita: Where am I going?
Michael: To meet your new mother.
Nikita: So who are you? My father?
Michael: [smiling] Wait here.

Madeline: They say they think you have potential.
Nikita: Who's "they"? Who are you?
Madeline: I'm Madeline. They are Section One. They own you now.
Nikita: Don't know I was for sale.

Michael: Why did you run away?
Nikita: I didn't. My mother preferred her new boyfriend. And he didn't like me. So she told me to get out.
[bitter laugh]
Michael: I'm sorry.
Nikita: Don't be. I never was.

"La Femme Nikita: Voices (#1.19)" (1997)
Nikita: Thanks for the binoculars.
Walter: Anytime, anyplace, any position.

Walter: What's shaking, sugar?
Nikita: I have a problem.
Walter: Really?
Nikita: The police are looking for me.
Walter: Don't let them find you.
Nikita: They can oblige me to testify, Walter.
Walter: You can't.
Nikita: I may not be given that choice.
Walter: [concerned] Hey, listen. Nothing spooks Operations more that a nosy cop. So untangle yourself, *now*, before they do it for you.

Nikita: Are we debriefing?
Operations: No. You have a mess to cleanup first.
Nikita: I'll get ready.

[last lines]
Madeline: Congratulations. He accepted our offer.
Madeline: What's the matter?
Nikita: He's a good man, good cop. If he had done things differently, he still be out there now.
Madeline: It's not him you're concerned about. It's you. You're finding out something about yourself I've suspected for quite some time.
Nikita: Really? And what's that?
Madeline: You're one of us.
Nikita: I never be one of you.

"Nikita: 3.0 (#3.1)" (2012)
Michael: Give me the damn Glock!
Nikita: Where are you going?
Michael: To get your engagement ring!

[last lines]
Michael: Just trust me, OK?
Nikita: Michael. Michael. You don't have to do this.
Michael: Yes I do. It's tradition. I'm a traditional guy. Run thru hell to get this ring. Let do this right.
[pauses, then kneels and shows the ring; Nikita gasps when seeing it]
Michael: Nikita...
Nikita: You had me at 'give me the damm Glock'.
[Michael places the ring and they kiss]

Martin: You should have left Hong Kong. Now it's too late. You're going to have to watch him die.
Nikita: You know what, Martin? You were right. Loved ones are a liability. It's a good thing I have more than one.

Nikita: Anything that happens after this, you can blame on Martin. His body will be on that roof, along with his rifle.
Agent Li Bai: [ironically] American intelligence, always betraying each other. You really have to get your house in order.
Nikita: Yeah, tell me about it... you know, don't.

"La Femme Nikita: New Regime (#2.5)" (1998)
Col. Egran Petrosian: [to Nikita] You will be stationed with Birkoff to provide tactical oversight.
Madeline: That function is mine or Michael's. Nikita is not cleared for it.
Col. Egran Petrosian: [to Madeline] She is now.
Col. Egran Petrosian: [to Nikita] I suggest you review the mission profile. And use any remaining time to rest.
Col. Egran Petrosian: [to Madeline] This is the first action of the new regime. We want all to be at our best.
[he leaves]
Madeline: Be careful, Nikita.
Nikita: Of him or of you?

Nikita: Still thinking about Kronen?
Walter: Yeah. It bothers me that I didn't see it coming.
Nikita: Nobody did.
Walter: The day before I was trying to brief him on the new laser sight, and he keep talking about his mother.
Nikita: [surprised] His mother?
Walter: Anytime anyone in this place starts talking about "Mom", you know he's got problems.

Nikita: What are you doing here?
Michael Samuelle: Petrosian send me to meet someone. Why?
Nikita: I imagine is part of this "full life" that he's promised to me if I work for him.
Michael Samuelle: Am I under orders to please you?
Nikita: Of course... not.

[last lines]
Nikita: In other words, I felt how was it like to... to be you.
Madeline: And you didn't like it?
Nikita: No, I didn't.
Madeline: Power is addictive, Nikita. You had a taste. It's in your blood now.
Nikita: You're wrong.
Madeline: You'll be back. It's only a matter of time. But will be one difference. The next time, I'll be waiting for you.

"La Femme Nikita: Treason (#1.7)" (1997)
[first lines]
Madeline: Congratulations, Nikita. Has crossed a milestone.
Nikita: I have?
Madeline: You've completed what may be called the "probationary period". You're a full fledged operative now, equal of any operative on the Section.
Nikita: Equal... to Michael?
Madeline: Well...
Nikita: Some are more *equal* than others.

Roger: Nikita...
Nikita: Ah, hello, Roger.
Roger: Operations is looking for you. There's a briefing in five minutes.
Nikita: Have *so* looking for having a relaxing evening at home.
Roger: I am afraid that you gonna have to postpone it for a few hours. Or a few days.
Nikita: Or forever.

Madeline: In time, You'll learn isn't good enough to do your best.
Nikita: I did what you wanted me to.
Madeline: That wasn't enough.

[last lines]
Madeline: What you do for Roger was noble. But it wasn't worth the risk.
Nikita: [crying] How can you be so ruthless?
Madeline: Because the oher side is ruthless. If we're not stronger than they, will win us. You're a good operative, Nikita. Don't let your humanity get in the way.
Nikita: My humanity?
[Madeline get out, leaving Nikita crying alone]

"La Femme Nikita: Noise (#1.16)" (1997)
Nikita: What do you say your name was?
Businessman: Jay.
Nikita: *Jay*. That is the deal, Jay. I'm a secret government agent, and I'm working right now, and you're in my way.
Businessman: Really? You show me your gun, and I'll show you mine.
Nikita: Can't do that. Is against regulations.
Businessman: Are you in a mission right now?
Nikita: Yep. See you in a minute.

Madeline: Yes, Nikita?
Nikita: About Birkoff.
Madeline: What about him? I heard he was quite efficient last night.
Nikita: Are you planning on send him out right away?
Madeline: Why shouldn't we?
Nikita: I think he may need a little extra time to recover.
Madeline: [with a deep breath] Well, extra time isn't something we have in abundance here.
Nikita: [almost for herself] I know it.
Madeline: What is it you're not telling me?

Birkoff: I can't leave knowing that I can die.
Nikita: Ahh.
Nikita: [Nikita pulls out her gun and points it to Birkoff's forehead]
[darker voice]
Nikita: You will die.
Nikita: [triggers the unloaded gun] See. You just did.
Birkoff: [crawls away from her] You're crazy!
Nikita: [skeptically] Come on.
[normal voice]
Nikita: Then you better get crazy too.
Birkoff: [crying] I'm so scared.
Nikita: Scared? Birkoff, you've got it backwards. Death's easy, not to do anything. It's life you have to face. Come on, let's go.

[last lines]
Seymour Birkoff: Nikita!
Nikita: Hey! I see you're back in the saddle.
Seymour Birkoff: Yeah! You wouldn't believe how disorganized this place can get in a couple of days. I get three FLT chips *totally* reprogramming...
Nikita: Birkoff, shut up.
Seymour Birkoff: Sorry.
Gail: [calling Birkoff attention] These EPROMs are ready for you. Do am I put them in your desk?
Seymour Birkoff: I'll take them. That's great. Thanks.
Seymour Birkoff: Gail. Are we still on?
Gail: I'll see you tonight, Seymour.
Nikita: [jokingly] Seymourrr!
Seymour Birkoff: Don't tell anybody, OK?
Nikita: Don't worry.
Seymour Birkoff: Nikita... I'm... not very good on this kind of thing.
Nikita: Birkoff... you're welcome.
[as she leaves, softly]
Nikita: Seymour.

"La Femme Nikita: War (#1.17)" (1997)
Michael: We're OK so far. When I was in there and things started to get bad...
Nikita: Michael, don't. Save your strength.
Michael: I thought I was gonna break, but I didn't. I thought of you. You're the only one of us who still has a soul. I'm so sorry, Nikita. We'll never leave this place alive. I don't know what love is anymore... but the only part of me that's not dead is you.

[first lines]
[phone rings at Nikita's place after an attack against her; Nikita answers]
Michael: [on the phone] Josephine?
Nikita: Michael, what's going on?
Michael: Come in.
Nikita: I've been compromised.
Michael: Is it under control?
Nikita: I think so.
Michael: Come in.

Dominic: I need to know the location of Section One's new Command and Control. Where is the Section relocated?
Nikita: Toledo. Everything is controlled from Toledo. *Spain*, not Ohio.
Dominic: Your file doesn't indicate your sense of humor. That should be updated.
Nikita: I'll be sure to tell.

Dominic: [Nikita aims to him] I've read your file. You wouldn't shoot unless provoked.
Nikita: They're going to have to *update* my file.
[Nikita shoots her gun]

"La Femme Nikita: Obsessed (#1.15)" (1997)
Nikita: Why we don't get out of here for a while? Change of scenery.
Lisa Fanning: No, he... doesn't like me to leave the house without him.
Nikita: Well, I'm your personal trainer, and I'm ordering to come for a run. Let's go. Come on.

Michael Samuelle: Your evaluation was very accurate. I spent most of the time listening. She just needs a little kindness.
Nikita: Leave up the Section One to handle the little kindness.
Madeline: You'll seeing her again?
Michael Samuelle: Tomorrow, three o'clock.

David Fanning: The Kousaki's wedding. Hit that two weeks ago. And now the Kousaki's family will like a retaliatory hit. You know who they got to?
Frank Thorn: Who?
David Fanning: Me.
David Fanning: [laughing] I love this business!
David Fanning: [to Lisa, as she and Nikita come into room] Where hell at you been?
Lisa Fanning: Jogging.
David Fanning: No, you spent an hour and a half. You should be soaked with sweat.
Nikita: We are. You should smell my armpits.

Nikita: I *still* don't think this is the right approach.
Madeline: Why not?
Nikita: She's too fragile. It could blow up in our faces.
Madeline: What's really bothering you? Lisa Fanning's emotional state or the fact of her and Michael together?
Nikita: Why should that bother me?
Madeline: It shouldn't, but it does.
Nikita: It does not bother me!
Madeline: Good.
Nikita: Good.

"La Femme Nikita: Recruit (#1.13)" (1997)
Nikita: Why am I watching this?
Madeline: She's at the end of her training. She comes at term in two weeks.
Nikita: So?
Operations: Would like you to handle her evaluation.
Nikita: What does that mean?
Operations: It's up to you to decide wether or not she is... Section material.
[Nikita looka at him]
Madeline: If you approve, she'll be awarded Operative status.
Nikita: And if I... don't?
Madeline: She'll be canceled.
Nikita: Wow, it... this isn't my job, Brian trained her.
Madeline: We've chosen you.
Nikita: *Why*?
Operations: Your time.
Madeline: Karyn's not the only being tested here.
Nikita: Please, don't make me do this.
Operations: You have... two weeks.

Madeline: What is it, Nikita?
Nikita: I just wondering about Brian.
Madeline: What about him?
Nikita: Can I get a background profile?
Madeline: No.
Nikita: I just think I would...
Madeline: What you wanna know?
Nikita: Do you take him off Karyn's case 'cause he was abusing her?
Madeline: The judgement you're being asked to make is on Karyn, not Brian.
Nikita: [seriously] He did raped her.
Madeline: I never said that.
Nikita: Hmm, you didn't denied either.
Madeline: The van leaves in five minutes.

Nikita: What are you doing, Walter?
Walter: Building a bomb.
Nikita: I'll come back later?
Walter: What do you need?
Nikita: I'm not sure.
Walter: *Karyn's evaluation.*
Nikita: I don't wanna be someone the judge, the jury, *and* executioner.
Walter: Yeah? I don't wanna build *bombs*.

[last lines]
Madeline: I think... Lahar would make a great addition to hosekeeping team.
Operations: Yes, Lahar, Kelly, X, they'll be great. I think it...
[he hears Nikita coming in, turning to her]
Operations: Have you made your decision about Karyn?
Nikita: Yes, I have.
Operations: And?
Nikita: [after a while] Cancel her.
Madeline: She's already been cancelled.
Nikita: What you are talking about? I just spoke with her.
Madeline: It doesn't take long.
Nikita: But I hadn't made my decision yet.
Madeline: It wasn't your decision.
Nikita: What does it mean?
Madeline: An operative's resolve and judgement are as important as her tactical skills. We knew Karyn would be a problem. We wanted to see if you came to the same conclusion.
Nikita: If I hadn't?
Operations: Then we would had two problems.

"La Femme Nikita: Beyond the Pale (#3.13)" (1999)
Walter: What you looking at, Sugar?
Nikita: Just the best part of my day.
Walter: Keep talking like that and I'll forget how old I am.

Nikita: I didn't realize you had such talent in the kitchen, Michael.
Michael Samuelle: There's still a lot of things that you don't know about me.
[looking at her]
Michael Samuelle: Maybe it's time you learned.

Nikita: How is this going to work?
Michael Samuelle: We can be careful, take things slowly.
Nikita: There's another option, I mean, we can live the day like its our last.
Michael Samuelle: It very well could be.

[last lines]
Nikita: Thank you.
Michael Samuelle: Dinner was wonderful, thank you.
Nikita: Well it wasn't as good as the meal you cooked at the cabin, but...
Michael Samuelle: I liked it there.
Nikita: [long wait] You know it can't be casual between you and me.
Nikita: I can't do that.
Michael Samuelle: [long wait] I know.

"La Femme Nikita: Spec Ops (#2.2)" (1998)
Jurgen: Why are you here?
Nikita: To become a better operative.
Jurgen: Thought you didn't like games.
Nikita: I'm here because I don't wanna die.
Jurgen: Good. You may just live, if you obey one simple rule... don't tell me anymore lies.
Nikita: [ironically] Truth, all truth and nothing but?
Jurgen: That's right.
Nikita: I'm not sure that's possible in Section.
Jurgen: No need to worry about the Section.
Jurgen: [darker] You need to worry about *me*.

Nikita: I came back for *you*. For us to be together.
Michael Samuelle: This gonna be difficult now. We are to be careful.
Nikita: I'm *tired* of being careful.
Michael Samuelle: Get over it.

Jurgen: [gravely] I told you before. If you want to live, don't lie to me.
Nikita: I'm loyal... to the Section. That is the way we're trained, doesn't it?

"La Femme Nikita: Rescue (#1.11)" (1997)
Operations: Congratulations on a successful mission. Chemical weapons plant, was completely destroyed.
Nikita: What about Michael?
Operations: Overnight analysis suggests, one chance on three that he is alive. And even if he is, one chance on ten of bringing him out. He'll be missed.
Nikita: [annoyed] That's it?
Operations: Yes, that's it.
Nikita: "He'll be missed".
[after a while]
Nikita: I don't care about the odds. I'll go back for him. I'm sure the others will too.
Operations: I wish I could send you.

Nikita: [upset, kicking Birkoff's chair] What's that crap about overnight analysis and ten to one odds?
Seymour Birkoff: I... did a feasibility study, isolated key factors, run a sim...
Nikita: This is Michael we're talking about. Couldn't you fudge with the sim, maybe... rev the odds just a little?
Seymour Birkoff: I did. Objectively, it's a hundred to one against bringing out, maybe a hundred and fifty. I'm sorry, Nikita. Michael is on his own.

Nikita: Cosmetics?
Madeline: That's right. Lipsticks, glosses, shadows, lotions, the entire line. This describes their properties in detail, know it by the time the plane lands. They may be expecting a rescue attempt, but no by two women selling makeup.

"La Femme Nikita: Escape (#1.8)" (1997)
Nikita: Does the Section ever test its operatives? Tempt them, for example?
Walter: You've got to think of the Section as a living organism, and like any living organism, it will do whatever it has to survive. Be careful.

[last lines]
Operations: Prepare a plan and a shadow team. Will need a psychological profile on all the major players including...
[Nikita comes on angrily, and slams some pieces of equipment on the briefing desk]
Operations: [surprised] What is this?
Nikita: [angry] Your cameras. I'm not having in my apartment anymore.
Operations: Your not?
Nikita: No. And if you don't like it, you can...
Operations: [shouting] We can what?
Nikita: Cancel me, because I'd rather be dead than watched like an animal in the zoo!
Operations: Are you sure about that?
Nikita: I'm very sure.
Operations: Cancel surveillance on Nikita, at least for the time being. Now, where were we?

Madeline: [about Michael] Is it his life you want to know about? Or his heart?
Nikita: Does he even have a heart?
Madeline: Michael loved once. Very deeply.
Nikita: Simone.
Madeline: Some men can only love once.

"La Femme Nikita: Simone (#1.3)" (1997)
Errol Sparks: [to Nikita posing as JB] One more question JB, what kind of music do you like?
Nikita: [after long pause] I don't listen to music.
Errol Sparks: Why not?
Nikita: Music evokes emotion.
Errol Sparks: Emotion spawns genius.
Nikita: Emotion blurs judgement.

Michael Samuelle: [to Birkoff] What do you got?
Seymour Birkoff: It's an IRC in progress.
Nikita: What's an IRC?
Seymour Birkoff: [jokingly] Someone wasn't paying attention in the computer class.
Michael Samuelle: [Michael slaps Birkoff's head] Not today.

"Nikita: Clawback (#2.7)" (2011)
[Nikita breaks into the room where Jonathan Gaines is. She points a gun at him, demanding that he reveals the names of "Oversight" members]
Jonathan Gaines: I can't.
Nikita: You will. Start talking!
[as Sean Pierce enters the room, Nikita turns Gaines around, using him as human shield. Sean draws his gun]
Sean Pierce: Let him go!
Nikita: Get back!
Jonathan Gaines: [to Sean] Shoot her, damn it! Shoot her!
[Roan and other guards enter, pointing their weapons]
Sean Pierce: Nikita, I know Ryan Fletcher is innocent. Just let him answer at court of law!
Nikita: Drop your guns, and I will.
[Roan uses his cell phone to call Amanda]
Roan: [to Amanda] Nikita's taken Gaines hostage. She's using him as a body shield. How should we proceed?
Amanda: I have to check with Oversight. Hold.
[Amanda examines her fingernails for a moment, then answers Roan, without checking with Oversight or anyone else]
Amanda: Kill them both.
[Roan nods and closes the phone]
Jonathan Gaines: [to Nikita] Want names? Senator Madeline Pier...
[when hearing his mother's name, Sean opens fire, killing Gaines. Nikita takes cover behind the sofa, while Sean, Roan and the other guards spray the room with bullets. Michael, from the top of the building on the opposite side of the street, opens fire into the rooms. Two of the guards are killed, the others are forced to take cover, allowing Nikita to escape safely]

[Pointing a gun at Gaines, Nikita orders him to tell her the names of the members of Oversight]
Jonathan Gaines: I give you those names, I'm a dead man.
Nikita: Works for me.

"La Femme Nikita: End Game (#2.22)" (1998)
Nikita: Operations, is that what it's about, controlling the world?
Operations: We will control whatever we have to, to prevent the Dark Ages from descending again on the human race.

Madeline: Are the crimes we've committed worse than the crimes we've prevented? And the people we've brought down, is the world a better place without them?
Nikita: Yes it is.
Madeline: Then you have your answer.

"La Femme Nikita: Charity (#1.4)" (1997)
Nikita: [to Cbandler's accountant] Get out!
Cbandler's Accountant: We're having a meeting!
Nikita: So am I. You're not invited.
Alec Chandler: [to his accountant] You heard the lady.
Nikita: You're having me followed. You're used to owning things, Alec. You don't own me, do you understand? If you wanna keep seeing me, you better.
Alec Chandler: Nikita... I'm sorry. Stay.
Nikita: It's late. I'm going home to bed.
Alec Chandler: Alone?
Nikita: That's not of your business.

Birkoff: Oh - oh, she's hot for the guy.
Nikita: Up yours, Birkoff!
Birkoff: Anytime, Babe, my number's in the book!

"Nikita: Pandora (#1.22)" (2011)
Nikita: [Attempting to call the CIA to warn them about the fake Black Box] Look, I'm under covert status, I can't tell you my name over and open phone line.
CIA Receptionist: I'm sorry, I can't patch you through without your informaton.
Nikita: Ugh, you're useless!

Michael: [Broadcasting his voice through the CIA intercom] Paging Agent Niki, paging Agent Niki; please proceed to the nearest phone line.
Nikita: [Ducks into a cubicle and answers] Michael? Is that you?
Michael: Nikita, you alright?
Nikita: Oh babe, I will be.
Seymour Birkhoff: God, get a room.
Nikita: [Overhears his comment] Is that Birkoff?

"La Femme Nikita: Love, Honor and Cherish (#4.6)" (2000)
[last lines]
Nikita: Thanks.
[about Volker]
Nikita: He was a good man.
Michael Samuelle: Good men are hard to find.
Nikita: Yes, they are.

Kristof Volker: Father tends to get a bit cranky when his oxygen runs low. Why don't I... change the cannister and... maybe you can give me the chance to show you where some of the bodies are buried around there.
Nikita: [softly laughs] I'd like that.
Helmut Volker: Fine, Kristof.
Kristof Volker: Good.
Helmut Volker: Well, not exactly the family what inspires holliday greeting cards.
Nikita: Your brother seems very nice.
Helmut Volker: Here a few repeated phrase.

"La Femme Nikita: First Mission (#2.10)" (1998)
Michael Samuelle: It's best to be ruthless, but if you're not, it's essential to appear that way.
Nikita: Is that your secret Michael, that you only appear to be ruthless?

Nikita: Walter, sometimes I don't know if you're incredibly wise or just full of crap.
Walter: Yeah. I have the same problem myself.

"La Femme Nikita: Gray (#1.9)" (1997)
[first lines]
Nikita: Hi, Walter.
Walter: Hey, baby. Well, how did it go?
Nikita: Guy never showed up.
Walter: Then you didn't used the beta unit.
Nikita: Nope.
Walter: Was too bad. I was really hoping to field-test this baby.
Nikita: Ooh, don't worry Walter. There'll be other days, other living *things* to kill.
Walter: Yeah, I guess you're right.
Nikita: Good night.

Nikita: Madeline... where do you go when you leave here?
Madeline: Very good. It usually takes the new one several years to ask me that question.
Nikita: So how many years does it take for an answer?
Madeline: I don't know. I haven't yet.

"La Femme Nikita: All Good Things (#3.17)" (1999)
Nikita: I don't want special favors.
Michael: Would you prefer to be dead?

Nikita: Do you knew Operations before he was... huh... Operations?
Walter: Yeah, I knew.
Nikita: How was he like?
Walter: Pretty much the same as he is now.
Nikita: He didn't change as he took over Section?
Walter: [long pause] You worry about Michael.
Nikita: [long pause] I'm not sure. It just seems a bit different.
Walter: Power can do that.

"La Femme Nikita: Verdict (#1.21)" (1997)
Jovan Mijovich: My dear Nikita. How wonderful to see you again.
Nikita: You too, Premier Mijovich.
Jovan Mijovich: Please.
[inviting her to take seat]
Jovan Mijovich: We are old friends. You must call me Jovan.
Nikita: [as she sits down] Ahh, Your Excellency, that would not be proper. I'm on duty.
Jovan Mijovich: Always the professional. What a pity.

[last lines]
Nikita: I killed a man whose only crime was he loved his family and wanted justice.
Michael Samuelle: You had no choice.
Nikita: [angry] I don't know much longer I can keep this up.

"La Femme Nikita: No One Lives Forever (#4.8)" (2000)
Nikita: I don't wanna be free if I can't be with you.
Michael Samuelle: They won't make it easy on us.
Nikita: What else is new.

"La Femme Nikita: Third Person (#2.3)" (1998)
[last lines]
Michael Samuelle: Good work.
Nikita: Thanks.
Michael Samuelle: Where are you going?
Nikita: Get something to eat.
Michael Samuelle: Want some company?
Nikita: Not really.

"Nikita: Phoenix (#1.8)" (2010)
Nikita: You tried to kill me.
Ari Tasarov: Ancient history.
Nikita: It was last night.

"La Femme Nikita: Cat and Mouse (#3.7)" (1999)
[Birkoff made love to the "fake" Nikita, and is talking to the real Nikita]
Birkoff: Uh, Nikita? Did I make a complete idiot out of myself?
Nikita: No, I don't think so. From what I saw you looked pretty delicious.

"La Femme Nikita: Before I Sleep (#3.15)" (1999)
Nikita: [angry] They're going to make an innocent woman spend the last days of her life working for us?
Michael Samuelle: [cutting] Yes.

"La Femme Nikita: Love (#1.6)" (1997)
Nikita: So, which one of them cracked?
Madeline: They both did, of course.
Nikita: So who goes free?
Madeline: You better get ready.

"Nikita: Girl's Best Friend (#1.19)" (2011)
Nikita: Michael, I love you, I just hate where you work.
Michael: And you want me to hate it too?
Nikita: YES!

"La Femme Nikita: Slipping Into Darkness (#3.9)" (1999)
Nikita: So this all thing was a chess match to smoke out Philo.
Michael Samuelle: It worked.
Nikita: You would let me kill those people in Siberia?
Michael Samuelle: We knew you wouldn't.
Nikita: Well, I'm glad I've made it one's expectations.
Nikita: Even the talk on the insurrection? Even this predated?
Michael Samuelle: Yes.
Nikita: Then I've to stop being so predictable.

"La Femme Nikita: Approaching Zero (#2.4)" (1998)
Nikita: How you get away with that?
Jurgen: I don't answer to Michael.
Nikita: And Operations? He's standing right there.
Jurgen: If it was important, I would done it.
Nikita: Ahh. So had it you get to decide?
Jurgen: It's... it's complicated. Let's go.

"Nikita: Kill Jill (#1.3)" (2010)
Nikita: [showing Alex a diagram] This is the Operations Room. The window looks out into the training area so the almighty parents can look down on the kids. Most of their key intel passes through that hub. When a new target comes in, Operations becomes the most popular club in town. If we're gonna sabotage Division, that's one of the veins I'm gonna need you to tap.
Alex: Doesn't the window work both ways?
Nikita: Gold star. Glass is tinted, so you're gonna have to get close. Problem is, you can't just walk up and press your nose against it like a kid in a candy store.

"Nikita: Arising (#2.17)" (2012)
Nikita: I'm not... mother material, Michael.
Michael: Why not?
Nikita: [bursts] Because I'm... it's Friday, and my life is insane and not stable and Max has a mother!

"La Femme Nikita: Any Means Necessary (#3.19)" (1999)
Nikita: What do you know about this?
Greg Hillinger: Of what?
Nikita: Decission of keep Birkoff inside.
Greg Hillinger: Oh, his mission status was changed. That's what I know.
Nikita: You had nothing to do with that?
Greg Hillinger: Moi? Nikita.
Nikita: [softly, smiling] Come here. Come here.
[grabbing Hillinger by his shirt, deadly serious]
Nikita: If you had *anything* to do with this, and I mean *anything* at all, you better got eyes in the back of your head.
[she releases him]

"La Femme Nikita: Let No Man Put Asunder (#5.7)" (2001)
Michael Samuelle: Come with me.
Nikita: I can never replace Elena on Adam's eyes, Michael.
Michael Samuelle: Don't try. Be yourself.
Nikita: [gently smiling] A white picket fence? Mini van? Cocker spaniel?
[laughs softly]
Michael Samuelle: Why not?
[Nikita chuckles]
Michael Samuelle: Could even have children our own.
Nikita: [long wait] I fear I've lost... courage for our dream.
Michael Samuelle: [long wait] It's not dream... we make it work.

"La Femme Nikita: Into the Looking Glass (#4.4)" (2000)
Nikita: I'd rather die than go back now.
Michael: Don't say that.
Nikita: Why?
Michael: Because I can't live without you.

"Nikita: Betrayals (#1.21)" (2011)
Malcolm Mitchell: [referring to Michael] Who's this guy works for?
Nikita: We just sleep together.

"La Femme Nikita: Brainwash (#1.20)" (1997)
[last lines]
Nikita: What have I done?
Nikita: [crying] What have I done?
Michael Samuelle: It's OK. We're getting through this.

"La Femme Nikita: Adrian's Garden (#2.21)" (1998)
Nikita: What is this all about?
Adrian: What it's always been about, a small matter of saving the world.

"Nikita: Shadow Walker (#2.20)" (2012)
[Birkhoff is meeting with Ian Damascus]
Ian Damascus: [to Nikita] And who might you be? Girlfriend? Wife?
Nikita: I'm the muscle.

"La Femme Nikita: Hand to Hand (#3.14)" (1999)
[last lines]
Walter: It was a three man mission in the Balcans. A motion detector failed, I got out live, but the other two didn't. They were in the five percent I told you about.
Nikita: Good men.
Walter: The best. And got me interested in the gadgets we use, I... designed a few myself, and eventually I got into it full time. In it ever since. Hmmm, by the way, you should start thinking about *your* future too.
Nikita: In my future?
Walter: People *don't* live forever in the field. You should... move into another area, Comm, Research, Profiling. I could use an assistant.
[Nikita gently laughs]
Walter: No, come on, I'm... I'm serious.
Nikita: I think I'd feel too guilty knowing there are people out there risking her lives.
Walter: Trust me. You're get over it.
Nikita: How you do it? How you stay sane?
Nikita: What's the secret?
Walter: Knowing, when to lie and when to tell the truth.
Nikita: To them?
Walter: To yourself. At night you go to bed, *knowing* that you live in hell, that's the truth.
Nikita: And the lie?
Walter: When you wake up in the morning, thinking that *this* day, may... change everything. You'll escape, you fall in love, they'll close the place up and send everybody home.
Nikita: At the night, have to face the truth again.
Walter: Yeah, but in the meantime, you've accomplished something trully remarkable.
Walter: You made it thru another day.
Nikita: [phone rings; Nikita answers] Hello.
Michael Samuelle: [on the phone] Josephine.
[Nikita hangs up]

"La Femme Nikita: Innocent (#1.12)" (1997)
Nikita: You don't deserve this, Rudy.
Michael Samuelle: [sharply] Don't forget what's at stake here!
Nikita: Ooh, I'm sorry, Michael, just a... temporary lapse in humanity. I'll get over it.

"Nikita: Free (#1.12)" (2011)
Ryan Fletcher: You were right.
Nikita: Yeah. That usually happens.

"La Femme Nikita: Gambit (#1.14)" (1997)
[last ñines]
Nikita: Madeline!
Madeline: Can I come in?
Nikita: Sure.
[after a while]
Nikita: Something's wrong?
Madeline: Had never been here before. Is not what I expected.
Nikita: And ever what do you expected?
Madeline: Something a little more severe, a little darker.
Nikita: Ahh.
Madeline: I like it.
Nikita: [chuckles] Do you want something? Just having some tea.
Madeline: Tea will be fine, yes.
[after a while, looking thru the balcony door]
Madeline: This is a beautiful view.
Nikita: Yes, is it.
[after a while]
Nikita: Sometimes I just stand here for hours, hearing for the city.
Nikita: Here yours.
Madeline: Thank you.
Nikita: So, why are you here?
Madeline: To remember.
Nikita: Remember what?
Madeline: Who I was.

"La Femme Nikita: Mercy (#1.22)" (1997)
[first lines]
Michael Samuelle: I'm glad you came.
Nikita: How can I refuse your invitation?
Michael Samuelle: This is the more at ease that I've ever seen you.
Nikita: It must be the full moon.
Michael Samuelle: [to the radio] Perimeter teams, converge. Tyler is coming up the north stairwell now.

"La Femme Nikita: Choice (#1.10)" (1997)
Nikita: There is any reason to had you involved Gray in our business?
Michael Samuelle: There's a reason for everything we do. There is a problem?
Nikita: No. Nothing I can't handle.

"Nikita: Coup de Grace (#1.13)" (2011)
Prince Erik: People in love don't just kill each other.
Nikita: Are you serious?