Tracy Faucet
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Tracy Faucet (Character)
from Rat Race (2001)

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Rat Race (2001)
Tracy Faucet: So what's wrong with her?
Nick Schaffer: Who?
Tracy Faucet: Your sister. You said it was serious.
Nick Schaffer: Oh yeah... shark bite.
Tracy Faucet: Shark bite?
Nick Schaffer: Yeah.
Tracy Faucet: And they took her to Silver City?
Nick Schaffer: Yeah, they have a really good shark attack unit there.

[Tracy catches her boyfriend in a swimming pool with another woman]
Tracy Faucet: Did I come at a bad time, asshole?

[Tracy gives Nick a can of paint while she's throwing debris on her cheating boyfriend's car]
Tracy Faucet: C'mon, open it!
Nick Schaffer: You know, Tracy, I really don't feel comfortable...
Tracy Faucet: [yelling] OPEN IT!
Nick Schaffer: [nervously] Okay.

Nick Schaffer: I think we just killed him!
Tracy Faucet: You can't kill him, he's like a cockroach!

Mechanic: Darlin, we don't have any sand.
Tracy Faucet: Hello! WE'RE IN THE DESERT!

[car crashes]
Nick Schaffer: I think we just killed him.
Tracy Faucet: You can't kill him, he's like a cockroach! Uh... uh oh...
Nick Schaffer: No, no, no! No uh-oh! Fix the uh-oh! Ah! Should we be this low?
[helicopter crashes]
Tracy Faucet: We just violated about 115 federal laws.
Nick Schaffer: WE?
Tracy Faucet: I'm getting out of here. Are you coming?
Nick Schaffer: No, no. I know things look bad but...
[Tracy kisses Nick]
Tracy Faucet: Nice meeting you!
[Walks over to truck]
Tracy Faucet: Get out of the truck, Shawn!
Shawn Kent: That's it, Tracy, you and I are through!
[Tracy punches Shawn]
Nick Schaffer: Tracy! Wait! Tracy!
[runs to truck and gets in]
Nick Schaffer: This is the first illegal thing I've done in my adult life.
Tracy Faucet: How does it feel?
Nick Schaffer: I'm shaking. But that could be from the helicopter crash.
Shawn Kent: Get out of my truck, Tracy!
Tracy Faucet: It's my truck, Shawn, I paid for it!
Shawn Kent: [looking at Nick] Who is this?
Nick Schaffer: Oh, I'm nobody.
Shawn Kent: Yeah, you are nobody.
Nick Schaffer: Yeah... nobody.
Shawn Kent: You stay away from her, nobody, unless you're tired of living!

Tracy Faucet: [to Shawn] I'll ram this helicopter down your throat!
Nick Schaffer: No! Woah! What are you doing?
Tracy Faucet: Don't worry about me, my father's a Navy pilot! I've been flying since I was 15!
Nick Schaffer: No, I'm not worried about you, I'm worried about me!

Mechanic: [after making some repairs on Tracey's truck] There, it's done, but I still do't think she's gonna hold.
Nick Schaffer: About how much we owe you?
Mechanic: [shrugs] 500 bucks.
Tracy Faucet: For what? For 2 quarts and sealant? No, that's 20 bucks, tops. Here's 40 dollars, that's double what it's worth.
[hands the mechanic 40 dollars and turns to leave]
Mechanic: [pulls a gun from, his belt] Hold it! Another little tool no mechanic should be without!
Nick Schaffer: Fine, here's your money...
[gives him the money]
Nick Schaffer: . But let me tell you something, Billy Ray. What goes around comes around.
Tracy Faucet: This is so un-... Christian!
Mechanic: Un-Christian? HA! Well, if the good Lord doesn't like the way I conduct business, let him say something! Let him gimme a sign.
[looks up and puts a hand to his ear]
Mechanic: Oh Lord, I'm here, and I'm listening! Helloooooo!
[Veera and her daughter drive past in the rocket car, and the mechanic's gas station collapses]