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Bobby Zachs (Character)
from Under Siege 2: Dark Territory (1995)

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Under Siege 2: Dark Territory (1995)
Mercenary #1: You know, I never considered myself a vicious person. But you, you're like a fucking cockroach! So what do you do when the little bastard shows himself? You squash him, right? Get what I'm trying to say to you here bus boy?
Bobby Zachs: I'm a porter, not a bus boy.
Mercenary #1: [laughing] Okay, Mister porter. You got balls, man. So I'm gonna let you decide, okay? You wanna see it coming... or do you wanna turn around?
Bobby Zachs: [seeing Ryback come in] Hey... you wanna help me out here, man?
Bobby Zachs: [Casey Ryback breaks Bobby Zachs's neck] Oh shit, you definitely are a bad motherfucker. Let's go kick some more ass, though.

[aiming at the hijackers]
Bobby Zachs: Ok, safety off...
[he fires at them, they return fire]
Mercenary #1: It's that fuckin' porter.

Bobby Zachs: I shouldn't have got back on this fuckin' train.

Merc # 3: Empty your pockets. I said empty your goddamn pockets right now!
Bobby Zachs: All right, all right, all right man. I'm just a kid, man, c'mon I'm just a kid! I'm trying to tell you, I lost it down there, I ripped my pocket, everything fell out. The only thing I've got in my pocket, man, is your ASS!
[shoots him]
Mercenary # 2: [hearing the shot from a distance] Porter checked!

Helicopter pilot: [thinking that the porter was just thrown from the chopper] Honey, you sure taught that boy how to fly.
Bobby Zachs: [falsetto] Oh, we sure did, honey! So now what we're going to do is we're gonna keep this chopper right here, OK. Or I'm going to blow your MOTHERFUCKING BRAINS OUT! You got that? Honey?