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Quotes for
Yamagata (Character)
from Akira (1988)

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Akira (1988)
Yamagata: Try selling some normal drinks sometime, huh?
Bartender: How about buying something for once? This isn't a hangout!
Yamagata: And drink that dog piss you sell?

Yamagata: Huh? Where is Kaneda? Answer me!
Tetsuo: He's probably dead.

Yamagata: What the hell are you talking about; you look like a damn crack head?
Yamagata: Talk sense, what happened here; did you notice that the owner's dead?

Yamagata: [Glancing at the bar tender's corpse] Kai was right you did this didn't you!
Tetsuo: All you're good for now is telling me where Kaneda's bike is
Yamagata: Tetsuo!
Tetsuo: It's a piece of shit anyway.

Yamagata (2001 Pioneer dub): Ya know you wouldn't be so jumpy if you didn't have anything to hide! Why don't you sell normal drinks for a change?
Bartender (2001 Pioneer dub): How about buying something for once, this isn't a hangout for damn street gangs!
Yamagata (2001 Pioneer dub): Yeah, right drink your dog piss?