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Police Lt. Ed Ryker (Character)
from "The Rookies" (1972)

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"The Rookies: A Matter of Justice (#2.7)" (1973)
Lt. Ryker: [enters the hospital room] Can we talk?
Jill Danko: [looks away] About what, Lieutenant?
Lt. Ryker: About me, Mrs. Danko. I have a job I do fairly well and like. I live comfortably. I eat well, too well perhaps. I'm not happy anymore. You wanna know the reason why? I'm sure I'm not gonna wait for the answer. It's you. You're making my life miserable, Mrs. Danko.
Jill Danko: I don't want any pep talks, Lieutenant.
Lt. Ryker: Well good, because I'm not gonna give any. I would like to talk to you as a friend. That's a role that was given to me by you and your husband some time ago and it's one that I am not ready to relinquish just yet. Don't bother insulting me. Not until I've said what I came to.
[Jill closes the book in her lap and crosses her arms over her chest defiantly]
Lt. Ryker: You've been mourning the death of an unborn child and keep looking for reasons. I don't have any, but do know the name of the disease that's killing two healthy young people and its called self-pity.
Jill Danko: [shouts] Are you quite finished?
Lt. Ryker: No. I'm not finished. Where have you been all of your professional life? You're a nurse.
[gestures wildly]
Lt. Ryker: You know all about life and death and everything n between. You tell me that who lives and who dies is just a matter of chance. What about you and Mike and the life you share? Did you pull him out a computer or did you meet him by chance? Ah, sure it's a gamble, all of it. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. What do you want, a written guarantee?
[continues to gesture wildly]
Lt. Ryker: Who do you think you are? What right have you got to throw your life away and the life of the man you love? At least you say you love him. Well, you don't have the right to throw his portion of life away. You don't and you never will. Now, I'm finished. I just hope you and Mike aren't.
Jill Danko: Lieutenant?
Lt. Ryker: What?
Jill Danko: Would you do me a favor?
Lt. Ryker: What's that?
Jill Danko: [points at her right cheek] Would you kiss me right here?
[Ryker kisses Jill on the cheek]
Jill Danko: [closes her eyes and touches Ryker's neck] Thank you. Thank you, dear friend.
[kisses Ryker as he moves away and looks on as he leaves]