Off. Mike Danko
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Off. Mike Danko (Character)
from "The Rookies: Pilot (#1.0)" (1972)

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"The Rookies: A Matter of Justice (#2.7)" (1973)
Jill Danko: This is gonna cost a fortune.
Officer Mike Danko: It's supposed to. Besides, it's our anniversary and I'm out to impress you.
Jill Danko: What's it gonna take to impress you? For me it only takes a pizza.
Officer Mike Danko: Now she tells me.
Jill Danko: I could tell you something else, too.
Officer Mike Danko: What?
Jill Danko: [Smiles blissfully] Nope. It's gotta be the right place and the right time. I want everything to be perfect.
Officer Mike Danko: [Looks at Jill quizzically] What are you talking about?

Officer Mike Danko: [strokes Jill's hair] Hi.
Jill Danko: [opens her eyes] Hi.
[pauses to swallow and lick her lips]
Jill Danko: Don't let this get to you, Mike. I'll be all right.
Officer Mike Danko: I know that.
Jill Danko: I love you.
Officer Mike Danko: I love you, too.
Jill Danko: [slides her wedding ring off her finger] They won't let me me wear this, so
[offers the ring to Mike]
Jill Danko: you keep it for me.
[Mike takes the hand holding the ring in both of his and kisses it]

[Jill awakens from deep sleep and looks around to see Mike asleep in a chair next to the bed]
Officer Mike Danko: [awakens still holding Jill's hand, leans forward and stands up, while he rubs his face] Hi. I fell asleep.
Jill Danko: [smiles sadly with tears in her eyes] That's okay. Am I gonna be all right?
Officer Mike Danko: Yeah. You're gonna be fine, just fine.
Jill Danko: [blinks and looks away] But I lost the baby, didn't I?
Officer Mike Danko: That's okay.
Jill Danko: [shakes her head] It was my surprise. I was gonna tell you last night. It was gonna be my anniversary present.
[inhaled sharply, her voice strained]
Jill Danko: I don't understand that. I don't understand why they took it away.
Officer Mike Danko: [shakes his head] I don't either. I guess... I guess it was just chance.
Jill Danko: [breathes rapidly for a moment] Yeah. I guess so. But if that's the way it is and that's how stupid things are, I wonder if it's worth it. Maybe, it's just not worth the trouble.
Officer Mike Danko: Look, you... you get some rest now. We'll talk about it later.
Jill Danko: I don't ever want to talk about it again, because I'm never gonna understand it. There's nothing that you or anybody else can say that'll make me understand it and so I guess the safest way to live is just to be sure you can never get hurt like that again.
[Mike wipes tears from Jill's face as she cries]

Jill Danko: [rises from the bed screaming] Mike! Mike!
Officer Mike Danko: [grabs Jill, holds her tightly and strokes her hair] I'm here. I'm here. Shhhhh. It'll be okay. Easy. Easy now.
[carefully lowers Jill to the bed]
Officer Mike Danko: [Jill cries hysterically and refuses to let go]
Officer Mike Danko: [gets Jill to let go, kisses and strokes her face] Okay?
Jill Danko: I was dreaming about the baby and I saw her. We were playing and something scared her. And she started to...
[pauses to swallow and take a breath]
Jill Danko: She started to cry and she called me. I tried to help her, but someone just takes her away from me. I reached out for her and I couldn't get her. I tried, but I couldn't. I tried.
Officer Mike Danko: [strokes her hair] Shhhh. Shhhh. Shhhh. It's just a dream. That's all it is, just a dream. It'll pass.
Jill Danko: [fiddle with the snaps on Mike's jacket] Now, wouldn't it have been wonderful if we would really have been a family?
Officer Mike Danko: We can again. The doctor said there's no problem.
Jill Danko: [touches Mike's face] No. I don't want to. I don't wanna give chance another chance. I don't wanna give anything another chance to hurt us like that again. I'm just not...
[turns away and buries her face in a pillow]
Jill Danko: [Mike looks on sadly]

"The Rookies: To Taste of Terror (#1.10)" (1972)
Officer Mike Danko: [holds up a towel for Jill] Madame, your carriage awaits yonder. Would you tell yonder it's here?
Jill Danko: [removes her shower cap and steps out of the shower] Tell yonder I'm ready.
[Mike wraps the towel around Jill and murmurs as he muzzled her neck]
Jill Danko: Thank you. Oh, come on. I'm all wet.
[turns around]
Jill Danko: [Mike kisses Jill on the lips and works his way to her neck]
Jill Danko: I've got surgical duty.
Officer Mike Danko: Ryker wants to ride with me this morning.
[continues to kiss Jill]
Officer Mike Danko: We'll both make it on time.
Jill Danko: Oh, Mike.
Officer Mike Danko: Come on. When are going to throw that book away?
Jill Danko: What book?
Officer Mike Danko: You know what book. The one on caution and precaution.
Jill Danko: [smiles and nods] Oh, that book.
Officer Mike Danko: Yeah, that book. Michael Danko II, how does that grab you?
Jill Danko: I'm coaxable, but I thought you wanted to wait.
Officer Mike Danko: I did say that and we did wait.
[reaches to stroke Jill's hair]
Officer Mike Danko: Now, I'm proposing again.
Jill Danko: Proposing again?
Officer Mike Danko: [continues to stroke Jill's hair] Yeah. I asked you once to be my wife and you said yes. Now I'm asking you to be the mother of our kids. Do you need some time to think about it?
Jill Danko: I've had time to think about it.
Jill Danko: I've had four years and my answer is yes.