Officer Jim Street
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Officer Jim Street (Character)
from "S.W.A.T." (1975)

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S.W.A.T. (2003)
Street: So why'd you pick me?
Hondo: To piss off the captain.

Deke: We need to sell that shit on eBay.
Street: I only have one.
Deke: We'll split the profits fifty-fifty, corner the market. Break 'em down like a shotgun - The Polish Penetrator!

Street: [to Gamble] Is this your girlfriend? Cute.
Travis: No, but you can be my bitch.
Street: [recoils in mock horror] Really?

Boxer: I just want to know what you did to my little sister.
Street: She's 28, Boxer, okay? And trust me, she's not so little.
McCabe: [laughing] Oh no, you didn't...

Street: [to McCabe] Looks like you're not the prettiest one on S.W.A.T. anymore.

Chris: You wanna come to my house?
Street: That was easy.
Chris: My kid's having a birthday party tomorrow.

[about Boxer's mustache]
Boxer: Your mother likes it.
Street: So does your sister.

Chris Sanchez: Just because I bought you a drink doesn't mean you're getting laid tonight.
Street: So, what does two drinks mean?

Gus: [discussing his wife's disapproval of the soft drink Dr. Pepper] You know the deal, Jim. When we got married, I converted to Mormonism. We can't consume anything that alters our state of mind. We treat out bodies with respect.
Street: And I treat mine like an amusement park. That's the differences that make this country great!

[the team's progress is halted by a firmly locked gate]
Deke: Ain't this a bitch?
Street: A cold hard one.

[last lines]
Hondo: Technically, our watch has been over for 12 hours.
Street: So?
Hondo: Yeah. What the hell. Mount up.

Hondo: You look like you need a Band-Aid.
Street: Somebody else needs a body bag downstairs.

Alex Montel: What do you make, $66,000 a year?
Street: Not even with overtime.
Alex Montel: Ha, loser.

Street: Bad day, huh?
Beat-up Latino Thug: Kiss my ass, ese.

Street: Gamble, let her go!
Gamble: Take a shot, Jimbo!

Alex Montel: American Greed.
Street: Shut up.
Alex Montel: So reliable.
Street: Shut Up! Another officer is dead because you shot your mouth off.
Alex Montel: That's how I like cops - dead.
Street: You wanna join him? Huh?
Alex Montel: He knew the dangers, no? That's why he signed up to be a police officer. Carry a gun in the Wild West - like you, Cowboy. Would you be sitting here if this job wasn't dangerous? Huh? Anyway... killing him probably got you 20 new recruits. You should thank me.
Street: Yeah, you're right, I should. Boxer, thank him for me, will ya?
Boxer: Love to.
[Elbows Montel in the stomach]

Hondo: Street, you have a driver's license?
Street: Got a library card.
Hondo: Good enough. So get your uniform on. You're driving me around today.

Capt. Thomas Fuller: Nice job.
Hondo: Don't sound so happy.
Capt. Thomas Fuller: Still got a problem. He's still here.
[Gestures towards Alex Montel]
Chris: Road trip?
Street: [Beaten up from the fight with Gamble] Road trip.
Hondo: Yeah... road trip. Guess you'll have to fire us later.
[Street spits blood out of his mouth, team walks away toward arriving SWAT truck with Fuller smiling at the team for once in the whole movie]

Hondo: How can I trust a man who won't eat a good old-fashioned American hotdog?
Street: [smiling] He's a vegetarian.

Hondo: Street. Don't beat him so badly I can't get a rematch, all right?
Street: I won't make any promises.
Hondo: It's my money, man.

Hondo: [Deke shoots a card] 10 of Spades. Spade flush.
Street: Hondo, isn't that a straight flush?
Hondo: Hold the phone. Six, seven, eight, nine, ten of Spades. Deke!
Deke: Beats four Aces in Compton any day!

Brian Gamble: [getting chewed out by Fuller for his stunt at the bank] That woman is alive because of what we did!
Capt. Thomas Fuller: Yeah, alive and suing the city for millions. The Chief said if he's gonna pay, somebody else does, too, and it sure as hell isn't gonna be me.
Brian Gamble: C'mon Fuller we get...
Capt. Thomas Fuller: [Interrupting] That's *Captain* Fuller.
Brian Gamble: C'mon Captain Fuller, we get two seconds to make a decision! You get two months to sit there and tear it apart!
Velasquez: SWAT means "Special Weapons *And* Tactics". Where were your tactics out there?
Street: Saving a woman from getting shot. That's where are tactics were.
Brian Gamble: Yeah, every cop in this department knows that we did the right thing.
Capt. Thomas Fuller: Sometimes, doing the right thing isn't doing the right thing.
Sgt. Howard: What the hell does that mean?
Capt. Thomas Fuller: Sergeant?
[Fuller turns to Street and Gamble]
Capt. Thomas Fuller: You disobeyed a direct order, end of story. You're both off SWAT.
Velasquez: Captain. They're two of our best officers.
Capt. Thomas Fuller: Well I'm not sticking them back in the field after a stunt like that.
Brian Gamble: [Becoming angry] Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't know that saving lives was goddamn stunt!
Capt. Thomas Fuller: Hey, you've got a big mouth, and apparently you're quick on the trigger, and *that* is why your ass is in a sling!
Velasquez: Captain Fuller, if you're really gonna put them off SWAT at least keep them in the division. Give'em a shot at getting back.
Capt. Thomas Fuller: [pause] Fine, stick'em in the gun cage. Get'em out of my sight.

Brian Gamble: [Mumbling under his breath to Street] This is total bullshit.
Capt. Thomas Fuller: What?
Brian Gamble: [Raising his voice to Fuller] I said this is bullshit.
Capt. Thomas Fuller: Really.
Brian Gamble: Yeah, really.
Capt. Thomas Fuller: You should consider yourself lucky Lieutenant Velazquez is standing up for you.
Brian Gamble: [Looks back at Velazquez and walks towards Fuller] No. I'm lucky I don't have to work for an asshole like you.
[Shoves a few things off of Fuller's desk and pushes him back]
Capt. Thomas Fuller: [shouting over Gamble] That's it, you're outta here, Gamble, you're gone, Gamble, you're gone!
[Gamble is pushed out of the office]
Capt. Thomas Fuller: Street, Street, stay.
Street: [to Gamble] Hey!
Capt. Thomas Fuller: Give us a minute.
[the rest of the cops leave]
Capt. Thomas Fuller: Jim, sit down.
Street: I'll Stand.
Capt. Thomas Fuller: Okay,
[Sits down]
Capt. Thomas Fuller: Jim, be both know that Gamble is a bad influence on the rest of the team.
Street: Gamble's a good cop.
Capt. Thomas Fuller: Unlike him, you still have a chance ata future here. You'll go on record by following after Gamble recklessly. But you had no choice but to follow your partner after he disobeyed orders, and I'll make sure you're back on SWAT tomorrow morning.

Brian Gamble: Terrible day, I need a cocktail.
Street: I'm staying.
Brian Gamble: [In disbelief] You're what? After that?
Street: In time, Fuller will have some new asses to chew on, and he'll put us back on the team.
Brian Gamble: Fuller, is a cop pincher in this department, brother and he's never gonna give us a second chance.
Street: So, what are you gonna do, piss away the hard work you did to get here?
Brian Gamble: Piss *what* away, Jimmy? The cage? C'mon man, we're better than that and you know it. Wanna join me? Oh, I guess that a real partner wouldn't have to ask that would he?
Street: A real partner would stood up for what he did at the bank.
Brian Gamble: I saved that hostage.
Street, Brian Gamble: You disobeyed the hold.
Brian Gamble: No. I saved that hostage.
Street: [Sternley shouting] You disobeyed the hold! You made that decision yourself, and you shot a hostage, Jesus Brian!
Brian Gamble: [Shocked] Woah, you sounded a lot like Fuller. Isn't that what you were talking about in there, you rat me out, you cut a deal to get back on the team, Jim?
Street: Did I cut a deal?
Brian Gamble: Yeah, did you?
Street: How many times have I cover up for you and all your goddamn stunts?
Brian Gamble: [Shrugs] That's what a real partner
[Picks up his badge]
Brian Gamble: You just picked a paycheck over me, bro.
[Tosses his badge to Street]
Street: You just picked yourself over everything else.
Brian Gamble: You wanna stay here, be Fuller's bitch? You go right ahaead, but I can't do it, nope can't do it. Goddmanit goddamnit god
[slaps a locker in anger]
Brian Gamble: damnit, Jim
Street: We were partners for 5 years, and this is how you wanna end it?
Brian Gamble: Nuh, uh. *I* didn't end it. You sold me out to the press.
Street: You know, I never realize until now how full of shit you are.
[Tosses the badge back to Gamble, who comes over and grabs Street by the shirt in anger]
Brian Gamble: Fuck you, and SWAT.
[Pushes Street back and breaks a mirror behind him]