Lieutenant Dan 'Hondo' Harrelson
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Lieutenant Dan 'Hondo' Harrelson (Character)
from S.W.A.T. (2003)

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S.W.A.T. (2003)
Hondo: You know what they say, you're either SWAT or you're not.

Street: So why'd you pick me?
Hondo: To piss off the captain.

Hondo: You still want to work S.W.A.T?
Chris: No. I just enjoy applying all the time.

McCabe: What? No roll, Hondo?
Hondo: How do you know I didn't?
McCabe: You didn't, did you?
Hondo: They only roll in John Woo movies, not in real life.

[about Hondo's S.W.A.T. selection]
Capt. Thomas Fuller: Sanchez is a woman and Street, well he's on my shit list
Hondo: Hey! I'm on your shit list too and I'm the team captain.

[to Captain Fuller]
Hondo: Shame you're not playing a terrorist.

Hondo: Here's where watching 'The World's Most Exciting Police Chases' pays off.

Hondo: The reason we're gathered here on our God-given, much-needed day of rest is that we have a Polish hostage.
Deke: So what if he's Polish?
Hondo: No, no. Means he's one of those: "Anyone comes in, I'll blow my head off" type of guys.

Hondo: You know what? I think he might be Polish.
Deke: Unbelievable.

[From the first trailer]
Hondo: Let's try to get in the killing mode.
Chris: I am in killing mode.
Hondo: So why you smiling?
Chris: Because it tickles me.

[last lines]
Hondo: Technically, our watch has been over for 12 hours.
Street: So?
Hondo: Yeah. What the hell. Mount up.

Hondo: You look like you need a Band-Aid.
Street: Somebody else needs a body bag downstairs.

McCabe: [lying in the disabled learjet] How's Boxer?
Hondo: What do you care?
McCabe: C'mon, Hondo, just give me that.
Hondo: He's going to make it.
McCabe: Good.
Hondo: Just couldn't resist, could ya? So what do you wanna do?
McCabe: Goddamnit, Sarge.
[McCabe shoots himself dead]

[after hearing Street over radio yell officer down]
Hondo: Flip a bitch!
Deke: Flippin' a bitch!

Hondo: Street, you have a driver's license?
Street: Got a library card.
Hondo: Good enough. So get your uniform on. You're driving me around today.

Hondo: Oh look, they got their own airport security.

Hondo: I need your A-game boys... and girl.

Hondo: 10-David, this is 70-David.
Capt. Thomas Fuller: 70-David, where the hell are you?
Hondo: We are somewhere around Sixth and Trenton. We lost communication in the tunnels. Where's our backup?
Capt. Thomas Fuller: [**POSSIBLE SPOILER**] Everything I have is going to Hawthorne Airport. That's where your friends Gamble and T.J. McCabe are headed.
Hondo: That's the other side of town! Send a couple units to pick us up.
Capt. Thomas Fuller: PICK YOU UP? For all I know you're in on this! I got a good mind to bring you in!
Hondo: [to Street, Sanchez, and Deke] Like hell. Come on, let's go.

Hondo: Drop Fruit of the Loomski in the A-car.

Hondo: Sorry. Wrong room.
Chris: Who are you looking for?
Hondo: Chris Sanchez.
Chris: I'm Chris Sanchez.
Hondo: YOU'RE Chris Sanchez?
Chris: Look, if you're Internal Affairs, that guy had razorblades in his mouth. I had to put him down hard. I'm sick and tired of these bullshit complains because some vato doesn't like getting thrown to the pavement by a woman.
Hondo: [Raises eyebrow] I look like IAD to you?
[Sanchez shrugs]

Capt. Thomas Fuller: Nice job.
Hondo: Don't sound so happy.
Capt. Thomas Fuller: Still got a problem. He's still here.
[Gestures towards Alex Montel]
Chris: Road trip?
Street: [Beaten up from the fight with Gamble] Road trip.
Hondo: Yeah... road trip. Guess you'll have to fire us later.
[Street spits blood out of his mouth, team walks away toward arriving SWAT truck with Fuller smiling at the team for once in the whole movie]

Hondo: How can I trust a man who won't eat a good old-fashioned American hotdog?
Street: [smiling] He's a vegetarian.

Hondo: [Deleted Scene: Hondo Reviews Files at Home outside, hears a noise on the ground, then looks down at a deer from his balcony] Hey! Get the hell off my damn property.
Hondo: [Deer looks at him] There's coyotes up here.
Hondo: As a rule, they're punks, but if I was you, I'd watch my back.

Velasquez: [Deleted Scene: Hondo's Introduction- Lt. Velasquez says to Officers of SWAT Division] Gentlemen! Our new 70-David has just made his first stealth entry. If you don't know him, you've probably heard of him: Sergeant Dan "Hondo" Harrelson!
[Officers cheer and applaud, with Boxer and McCabe's voices louder than the others]
Velasquez: Here is a man who will outrun, outfight, outshoot
[Hondo raises his eyebrows in disbelief at Velasquez]
Velasquez: , outsmart, out-paperwork, ALL OF YOU.
McCabe: I got 20 bucks says otherwise.
Boxer: I'll cover 10 of it for you.
Velasquez: Now you know gambling's not allowed, and I shouldn't have to tell you that... but I'll cover that 10.
Boxer: Done.
Velasquez: Few words, Sergeant?
Hondo: As a matter of fact...
[Pretends to smack TJ with his book]

Hondo: Street. Don't beat him so badly I can't get a rematch, all right?
Street: I won't make any promises.
Hondo: It's my money, man.

Hondo: Let's go make the Captain look like a hero.

Hondo: Deke, the frog's runnin'!

Hondo: [Deke shoots a card] 10 of Spades. Spade flush.
Street: Hondo, isn't that a straight flush?
Hondo: Hold the phone. Six, seven, eight, nine, ten of Spades. Deke!
Deke: Beats four Aces in Compton any day!

Capt. Thomas Fuller: The Chief is *making* me take you back. He's concerned about losing all his best officers to other cities.
Hondo: He thinks that I'm one of his best officers?
Capt. Thomas Fuller: But, he's given me complete oversight, and trust me, you've got no room for error.
[Looking at the files]
Capt. Thomas Fuller: So, I will give you Boxer, T.J. McCabe and this new guy, uh, Deacon Kay. I'm gonna pass up the other 2. Sanchez is a woman and Street? Well, Street's on my shit list.
Hondo: Hey, *I'm* on your shit list too, and I'm the team leader.
Capt. Thomas Fuller: You work for *me* now, and it's *my* team to choose.
Hondo: With all due respect, Captain, other leaders get to pick their teams.
Capt. Thomas Fuller: And you can too, just pick two new people.
Hondo: Look. Just give me the team I asked for. You can even call it your *shit list* team. That way, if anything goes wrong, you can put all the blame on me. It'll be just like old times.
Capt. Thomas Fuller: Okay. Okay, you got your team.
[Puts the files together]
Capt. Thomas Fuller: But, when you fail, and you probably will fail, Sanchez goes back to Traffic, and you and your boy Street are plain gone.
[Hondo shrugs in disgust]
Capt. Thomas Fuller: No, not just off S.W.A.T., off the force. You *feel* me?
Hondo: Oh yeah, I *feel* you.

Hondo: How the hell can I trust a man who won't eat a good old-fashioned American hot dog?

Hondo: [last lines, sitting in the front passenger seat of a SWAT truck, after hearing a diamond robbery taking place over the radio, turns head back to see Street] technically our watch has been over for twelve hours
Street: [turns his head back to see Hondo, then turns his head back to face forward, smiles, while putting on his radio headset] so?
Hondo: [sits up straight] yeah, what the hell?
Hondo: [grabs underneath his seat to get the rifle ready] Mount up !

"S.W.A.T.: Dealers in Death (#2.4)" (1975)
Lieutenant Dan 'Hondo' Harrelson: Shannon and his men are going away for so long that by the time they get out they'll may be no more wars to fight.
Sergeant David 'Deacon' Kay: Amen.

"S.W.A.T.: The Bravo Enigma (#1.8)" (1975)
Lieutenant Dan 'Hondo' Harrelson: Senator, if you're worth killing, you're worth saving.
Senator Richards: Thanks. I think.