Jonnie Goodboy Tyler
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Jonnie Goodboy Tyler (Character)
from Battlefield Earth (2000)

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Battlefield Earth (2000)
Parson Staffer: All it would take is for one of the demons to follow you back from the forbidden land and we'd all be struck down.
Jonnie Goodboy Tyler: Have you ever seen one? Have you? Has anyone here ever seen one?
[starts jumping around and tossing up handfuls of dust]
Jonnie Goodboy Tyler: A demon? A monster? A BEAST? YAH!

Terl: Why don't you vaporize me?
Jonnie Goodboy Tyler: Leverage.

Robert the Fox: [in the Harrier jump jet flight simulator] You're right, it's like breaking a horse.
Jonnie Goodboy Tyler: I need you to teach your men how to fly this in seven days.
Robert the Fox: Piece of cake! Piece of cake!
Carlo: Piece of cake!

Terl: You will soon be relocated to a new mining site, and if any of you get any bright ideas about escaping, just keep in mind that although you know nothing about firearms, I certainly do. I graduated top marksman in my class and I can kill any one of you at over a thousand paces.
[to Jonnie, who is the only human who understands the Psychlo language]
Terl: Tell them what I've said.
Jonnie Goodboy Tyler: [to the other humans] We try to run, he'll kill us.
Terl: That's it?