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Searle (Character)
from Sunshine (2007)

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Sunshine (2007)
Searle: Kaneda! What do you see? Kaneda! What do you see? Kaneda! *Kaneda!*

Searle: It's invigorating. It's like... taking a shower in light. You lose yourself in it.
Corazon: Like a floatation tank?
Searle: Actually, no. More like... In psych tests on deep space, I ran a number of sensory deprivation trials, tested in total darkness, on floatation tanks - and the point about darkness is, you float in it. You and the darkness are distinct from each other because darkness is an absence of something, it's a vacuum. But total light envelops you. It becomes you. It's very strange... I recommend it.
Mace: What's strange, Searle, is that you're the psych officer on this ship and I'm clearly a lot saner than you are.

Searle: Hey Capa, we're only stardust.

Searle: Everything about the delivery and effectiveness of that payload is entirely theoretical.

Searle: May I make a counter-argument?
Mace: No!

Searle: Prescription, two hours in the Earth Room. And get a haircut.

Searle: There is something on board the Icarus I that may be worth the detour. As you pointed out, Mace, we have a payload to deliver. *A* payload, singular. Now, everything about the delivery and effectiveness of that payload in entirely theoretical. Simply put, we don't know if it's gonna work. But what we do know is this: If we had two bombs, we'd have two chances.
Capa: You're assuming we'd be able to pilot Icarus I.
Searle: Yes.
Kaneda: Which is assuming that whatever stopped them wasn't a fault or damage to the spacecraft.
Searle: Yes.
Mace: That's a lot of assumptions.

Searle: Icarus, how close is this to full brightness?
Icarus: At this distance of 36 million miles, you are observing the sun at two percent of full brightness.
Searle: Two percent? Can you show me four percent?
Icarus: Four percent would result in irreversible damage to your retinas.