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Tom Reagan (Character)
from Miller's Crossing (1990)

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Miller's Crossing (1990)
Johnny Caspar: When you're right you're right, but you never say 'I told you so'.
Tom Reagan: So what am I right about?
Johnny Caspar: Well, I'll tell ya, but first you gotta promise not to say 'I told you so'.
Tom Reagan: I don't say that and I don't like people who do.
Johnny Caspar: Mink was robbin' me right along with the shmatte.
Tom Reagan: What convinced you of that?
Johnny Caspar: Mink Larouie took a powder. We can't find him. Bluepoint's makin' excuses for him, but personally, I think you were right. I think Mink and Bernie was in it together. I think Mink heard you'd bumped the shmatte, and lit out. The lousy sonofabitch.
Tom Reagan: I told you so.
Johnny Caspar: Hahahaha! You got a lip on you!

Tom Reagan: Think about what protecting Bernie gets us. Think about what offending Caspar loses us.
Leo O'Bannion: Oh, come on, Tommy. You know I don't like to think.
Tom Reagan: Yeah. Well, think about whether you should start.

Verna: What're you chewin' over?
Tom Reagan: Dream I had once. I was walkin' in the woods, I don't know why. Wind came up and blew me hat off.
Verna: And you chased it, right? You ran and ran, finally caught up to it and you picked it up. But it wasn't a hat anymore and it changed into something else, something wonderful.
Tom Reagan: Nah, it stayed a hat and no, I didn't chase it. Nothing more foolish than a man chasin' his hat.

Leo O'Bannion: You hear about Rug?
Tom Reagan: Yeah, RIP.
Leo O'Bannion: They took his hair, Tommy. Jesus, that's strange, why would they do that?
Tom Reagan: Maybe it was injuns.

Tom Reagan: Tell Leo he's not God on the throne, he's just a cheap political boss with more hair tonic than brains.

Tom Reagan: So what's the deal, you get to live and Verna has to be Leo's girl?
Bernie: I have nothing to do with that, she'll sleep with anyone Tom, you know that! She even tried to teach me a thing or two about bed antics once. Some crackpot idea about saving me from my friends. She's a sick twist all right.
Tom Reagan: She speaks highly of you.
Bernie: Yeah, well, you stick by your family.

Tom Reagan: I am awake.
Tad: Your eyes are shut.
Tom Reagan: Who you gonna believe?

Tom Reagan: All in all not a bad guy - if looks, brains and personality don't count.
Verna: You better hope they don't.

Tom Reagan: If you want me to keep my mouth shut, it's gonna cost you some dough. I figure a thousand bucks is reasonable, so I want two.

Eddie Dane: How'd you get the fat lip?
Tom Reagan: Old war wound. Acts up around morons.

Bernie: Look in your heart! Look in your heart!
Tom Reagan: What heart?

Tom Reagan: If I'd known we were gonna cast our feelings into words, I'd've memorized the Song of Solomon.

[Last lines]
Leo O'Bannion: Dammit, Tom, I forgive you!
Tom Reagan: I didn't ask for that and I don't want it. Good-bye, Leo.

Tom Reagan: Nobody knows anybody. Not that well.

Verna: You think you've raised hell.
Tom Reagan: Sister, when I've raised hell, you'll know it!

Tom Reagan: You're a fickle boy, Mink. The Dane finds out you got another "amigo," well, I don't peg him as the understandin' type.
Mink: Find out? We ain't event been talkin'! Jesus, Tom! Dammit! Jesus!

Verna: Shouldn't you be doing your job?
Tom Reagan: Intimidating helpless women is my job.
Verna: Then go find one, and intimidate her.

Leo O'Bannion: I figure I can still trade body-blows with any man in this town.
[Tom looks at him]
Leo O'Bannion: Except you Tom.
Tom Reagan: And Verna.

Verna: What you doing?
Tom Reagan: Walking...
Verna: Don't let on any more than you have to.
Tom Reagan: the rain.

Tom Reagan: Close your eyes ladies! I'm comin' in!

Verna: Leo's got the right idea. I like him, he's honest and he's got a heart.
Tom Reagan: Then it's true what they say. Opposites attract.

Leo O'Bannion: Seein' you mope around here ruins my, whaddya call it, "joy de veever"?
Tom Reagan: "Joie de vivre".

Tom Reagan: Rug Daniels is dead.
Verna: Gee, that's tough.
Tom Reagan: Don't get hysterical.

Verna: Why don't we just pick up and leave town? There's nothing keeping you here. I know there's nothing keeping me.
Tom Reagan: What about Bernie?
Verna: He could go with us.
Tom Reagan: You, me and Bernie; where would we go, Verna? Niagara Falls?

Tom Reagan: Tell Lazarre no hard feelings.
Lazarre's Messenger: Jesus Tom, he knows.

Tom Reagan: Is there a point... or are you just brushin' up on your small talk?
Eddie Dane: Oh, cool under fire, I like that.

Johnny Caspar: You can't say, "I told you so."
Tom Reagan: I don't say that and I don't like people who do.

Verna: I thought you said you didn't care about Leo no more.
Tom Reagan: I said we're through. That's not the same thing.

Verna: That's not why you came, either.
Tom Reagan: Tell me why I came.
Verna: [seductively] The oldest reason there is.
Tom Reagan: There are friendlier places to drink.

[repeated line]
Tom Reagan: I'll think about it.

Tom Reagan: Hello, Brian. Still fighting the good fight?
Cop - Brian: Hello, Tom! Neither rain nor wind nor snow...
Tom Reagan: That's the mailman!

Tom Reagan: You don't hold elected office in this town. You run it because people think you do. They stop thinking it you stop running it.

Eddie Dane: Very smart. What were you doing at the club, talking things over with Leo?
Tom Reagan: Don't think so hard, Eddie. You might sprain something.
Eddie Dane: You are so goddamn smart. Except you ain't. I get you, smart guy. I know what you are. Straight as a corkscrew. Mr. Inside-Outski, like some goddamn Bolshevik picking up his orders from Yegg Central. You think you're so goddamn smart. You join up with Johnny Caspar, you bump Bernie Bernbaum. Up is down. Black is white. Well, I think you're half smart. I think you were straight with your frail, I think you were queer with Johnny Caspar... and I think you'd sooner join a ladies' league than gun a guy down. Then I hear from these two geniuses they never even saw this rub-out take place.
Frankie: Boss said to have him do it. He didn't say nothing about...
Eddie Dane: Shut up! Or maybe you still got too many teeth. Everyone is so goddamn smart. Well, we'll go out to Miller's Crossing... and we'll see who's smart.

Tom Reagan: [on finding someone sitting in the dark in his apartment] Hello Bernie.
Bernie: Hello Tom. What's the rumpus? How'd you know it was me?
Tom Reagan: You're the only one I know who'd knock and then break in.
Bernie: Your other friends wouldn't break in, huh?
Tom Reagan: My other friends want to kill me so they wouldn't've knocked.

Adolph: Hey, horses got knees?
Tom Reagan: I don't know... fetlocks.
Adolph: Well if I was a horse, I'd be down on my fetlocks praying you don't bet on me.

Tom Reagan: My chin's hanging out right next to yours. I'd worry a lot less if I thought you were worrying enough.

Tom Reagan: Drop Johnson? He play your book much?
Tad: Pssh! You kidding? I didn't even know he could count!

O'Doole: Guttin' the golden calf again! I don't know whether to laugh or cry!
Tom Reagan: Yeah, it's awful confusing.

O'Doole: Look, don't nobody ask me, since I'm just the chief around here, but I'll tell you my opinion. Caspar is just as crazy as Leo, and an eye-tie into the bargain!
Tom Reagan: What's the matter, O'Doole? Doesn't anything ever suit you?

Tom Reagan: You can't hijack me, Tic-tac, we're on the same side now. Or didn't you get that far in school?

Tom Reagan: So, uh, you didn't see Bernie Birnbaum before he was shown across?
Clarence "Drop" Johnson: Uh, no?
Tom Reagan: Seen him since?

Mink: Listen, Bernie wants to see you. It's important.
Tom Reagan: Yeah, well, I'm right here. I'm not made of glass.

Tony: No small talk, huh? They shoot your horse?
Tom Reagan: If there's any justice...

Tom Reagan: It's not Leo's debt. I'll pay me own way.
Tad: I admire a man of principle. Does this go on the tab?

Tom Reagan: [after the attempt on Leo's life] Who's winning?
Terry: We are, for the nonce.
Tom Reagan: What's the disposition?
Terry: Four to one, Dana Cudahy went up with the house.
Tom Reagan: And theirs?
Terry: One burned...
Tom Reagan: The other three...?
Terry: Lead...
Tom Reagan: Whose?
Terry: Leo's... the old man's still an artist with a Thompson.

Verna: What did you tell Leo?
Tom Reagan: I told him you were a tramp and he should dump you.

[repeated line]
Tom Reagan: Nobody knows anybody, not that well...

Tom Reagan: Miss me?
Verna: Drop dead!

Andy: Hello, Tom. How are ya? Care to scrape a knuckle on your playmate here?
Tom Reagan: No. Thanks though, Andy.
Andy: Well, if you change your mind, we'll be
[returns to pummeling thug tied to chair]
Andy: interrogating for a while.

Tom Reagan: Last I heard, Leo was still running this town.
O'Doole: Yeah, well, he won't be for long if this keeps up. It's no good for anyone. You said as much yourself...
Tom Reagan: First off, O'Doole, I can say what I please to Leo and about him. You can't. Second, once Leo decides, that's that. If that sticks going down, there are plenty of coppers I know who wouldn't mind bein' chief and could swallow it clean.
O'Doole: Jesus, Tom, I was just speculatin' about a hypothesis. I know I don't know nothin'. It's just a damn mess, is all.
[a flurry of gunshots erupts behind them]
O'Doole: A goddamn mess!

Verna: You're a pathetic rumhead!
Tom Reagan: And I love you, angel!

Johnny Caspar: Friends is a mental state. Wuddya say, kid?
Tom Reagan: I'll think about it.
Johnny Caspar: He'll think about it. Hear that, Bluepoint? That's terrific. The kid's a thinker.
Frankie: Does he want a pillow for his head?
Johnny Caspar: Okay kid, think about it. It's a mental state. But make it quick, my family's waitin'.
Tom Reagan: I'll think about it and tell you later.
Frankie: He needs to think in the thinking room.
Johnny Caspar: Kid, if it'll help you think, you should know that if you don't do this you won't be in any shape to walk outta here.
Tom Reagan: Would that be physically... or just a mental state?

Verna: I guess we both double-crossed Leo. He's well rid of us both. The two of us Tom, we're about bad enough to deserve each other.
Tom Reagan: Are we?
Verna: We're a couple of heels, Tom. Yes we are.

Tom Reagan: Then it's not just the money he's after. He's got a wart on his fanny.
Johnny Caspar: Huh?
Tom Reagan: He's got a wart. On his fanny. Giving him the fidgets.