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Quotes for
Sabrina Davis (Character)
from Dazed and Confused (1993)

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Dazed and Confused (1993)
Tony: So your earlier offer still stands?
Sabrina Davis: What should I say? Whatever you like.

Jodi: Heard they got you pretty bad.
Mitch: Yeah.
Jodi: They just got Hersh too
Mitch: Was it bad?
Sabrina Davis: Yeah.
Mitch: Was it O'Bannion?
Sabrina Davis: I think so
Mitch: Man I hate that jerk!
Sabrina Davis: Hey I didn't know Jodi was you're big sister
Mitch: Oh, yeah
Jodi: Hey, I hear my name over here? You guys talking about me? Mitch, I heard they got you pretty bad. Those guys... you know I asked them to take it easy on you?
Mitch: What? Well no wonder!

Jodi: Ask Tony to marry you.
Sabrina Davis: Will you marry me?
Tony: Oh god, what am I supposed to say?
Mike: I dont know.
Tony: Uh, whadda ya do for me?
Sabrina Davis: Umm, anything you like.
Tony: [turns to Mike] Imagine the possibilities.

Jodi: Who are you?
Sabrina Davis: Um... no one. I mean I'm not in the trucks
Jodi: You're freshman?
Sabrina Davis: Yeah...
Jodi: So... are you in or are you out?
Sabrina Davis: In, I guess

Sabrina Davis: So what do you guys do... for fun I mean
Jodi: Mostly hang out, y'know? There's gonna be a big party tonight, should be fun.
Sabrina Davis: Oh, cool. Sounds fun.
Jodi: [nice] You wanna come?
Sabrina Davis: [happy] Sure!