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Quotes for
Mitch Kramer (Character)
from Dazed and Confused (1993)

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Dazed and Confused (1993)
Mitch: Are you starting again next year?
Pink: I dunno man, I may not even play.

Pink: It was vicious. Had some pretty cool seniors though. Like, they'd beat the hell out of you and then get you drunk, that sort of thing.
Mitch: Cool.

Julie Simms: You're Mitch, right? I think I heard about you.
Mitch: Oh really, what did you hear?
Julie Simms: I don't know, man, are you OK?
Mitch: [embarrassed] Oh... yeah.

Julie Simms: They actually let you buy it?
Mitch: Course

[repeated line]
Mitch: Man I hate that guy!

Mitch: Man I hate that guy, he's a jerk. He is a jerk, right?
Pink: Yeah. He's kind of a joke.

Jodi: Is that a beer in your hand?
Mitch: Why, yes it is.
Jodi: Have you had more than one of those?
Mitch: Few. No one's counting.
Jodi: When were you supposed to be home?
Mitch: Few hours ago I think.
Jodi: Thats bullshit. That's major bullshit. You know I was barely let out at your age?
Mitch: Aww.
Jodi: Aww. Well don't think she won't be waiting up for you. And she is tough. I've been through it.
Mitch: Just don't ask her to take it easy on me.

Mrs. Kramer, Mitch's Mother: Have you been drinking?
Mitch: No
[falls on bed and can't even take off both boots]
Mrs. Kramer, Mitch's Mother: Are you drunk?
Mitch: [clearly drunk] Psshh

Dawson: Not bad for a little freshman but you gotta watch out for older girls
Melvin Spivey: Hey. Come here. We just wanna know something. You gonna be fucking that tonight, or are you gonna be a little wimp?
Mitch: [laughs] How do you know I haven't already
Melvin Spivey: [clearly pleased, laughs] Go along man, I think its past your bedtime!

Jodi: Heard they got you pretty bad.
Mitch: Yeah.
Jodi: They just got Hersh too
Mitch: Was it bad?
Sabrina Davis: Yeah.
Mitch: Was it O'Bannion?
Sabrina Davis: I think so
Mitch: Man I hate that jerk!
Sabrina Davis: Hey I didn't know Jodi was you're big sister
Mitch: Oh, yeah
Jodi: Hey, I hear my name over here? You guys talking about me? Mitch, I heard they got you pretty bad. Those guys... you know I asked them to take it easy on you?
Mitch: What? Well no wonder!

Slater: This place used to be off limits, man, 'cause some drunk freshman fell off. He went right down the middle, smacking his head on every beam, man. I hear it doesn't hurt after the first couple though. Autopsy said he had one beer, how many did you have?
Mitch: Four.
Slater: You're dead, man, you're so dead. Look at the blood stains right there.

Wooderson: Say, man, you got a joint?
Mitch: No, not on me, man.
Wooderson: It'd be a lot cooler if you diid.

Slater: You cool man?
Mitch: Like how?
Slater: [rolling his eyes as he walks away] OK.
Pink: He was asking if you get high.

Mitch: [after seniors threaten him] Er, Mr. Payne. Sir. You know every second that you could let us out early would really increase our chances of survival.
Mr. Payne, junior high school teacher: It's like our sergeant told us before one trip into the jungle.
Mr. Payne, junior high school teacher: Men!
[the boys jump]
Mr. Payne, junior high school teacher: Fifty of you are leaving on a mission. Twenty-five of you ain't coming back.
Mitch: Okay.