Roman Castevet
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Biography for
Roman Castevet (Character)
from Rosemary's Baby (1968)

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Roman Castavet and his wife Minnie are the nosy, eccentric old neighbors who prove to be devil-worshiping witches in Roman Polanski's horror melodrama Rosemary's Baby (1968).

Roman and his wife live on the seventh floor of the Bramford Apartments, which has a sinister history, full of witchcraft, cannibalism, child murder and Satan worship. The audience eventually learns that the Castavets carry on this evil tradition. A young couple--Guy and Rosemary Woodhouse--move into the apartment next door to them, which had once been a part of their own apartment, but is now separated by a partition. The Castavets take no interest in them until their ward, Terry Gionoffrio, commits suicide by leaping from their apartment.

Suddenly the Castavets are eager to become acquainted and pry into every aspect of their lives. But only Rosemary minds; Guy seems to like them.

The Castavets are more intrusive than ever when Rosemary becomes pregnant. Now Minnie is insisting that Rosemary's obstetrician be their old friend Dr. Sapirstein; that she wear a bad-smelling good luck charm that contains something called tannis root; and that she drink a daily concoction full of weird herbs.

Rosemary eventually learns the horrible truth about them. Roman Castavet is an anagram of his real name, Steven Marcato, the son of Adrian Marcato, the leader of a coven. She suspects, and then believes, that the Castavets and even her husband are after her baby for a blood sacrifice. But it's worse than that. It turns out that her husband had drugged her and forced her to take part in a Satanic ritual while she was half unconscious. She had been raped by Satan--and now she was carrying Satan's child.

Ray Milland took over the role of Roman in the 1976 TV sequel, Look What's Happened to Rosemary's Baby.

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