Jodi Chang
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Jodi Chang (Character)
from Tremors 3: Back to Perfection (2001) (V)

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Tremors 3: Back to Perfection (2001) (V)
[as an ass blaster groans over Burt's compound]
Burt: Not to worry, my perimeter is completely Graboid proof.
Jodi Chang: But is it ass blaster proof.

[after Burt blows up a shrieker herd]
Jack: Holy Sheeit! he doesn't fool around.
Jodi Chang: Burt is very uh, committed.

[after Burt gets dug up from a Graboid stomach]
Burt: I prefer... we keep this... to ourselves.
Jodi Chang: Oh, you guys definitely need to be supervised.

[Suggesting names for the flying monsters]
Jodi Chang: Assblasters. How's that?
Jack: Sounds like a porno film.

Jodi Chang: [after assembling a potato gun, Jodi realizes a problem] Uh, but do we have a lighter?
Jack: Burt does.
Burt: [looks up from the gun] How do you know?
Jack: Well, 'cause you're... Burt.
Burt: [presenting lighter] Damn right I am.

Jodi Chang: Well, we discovered it right? Just like the other ones. We should name it... how about buttlauncher?

Jack: The universe provides.
Jodi Chang: The universe provides a boat?
Jack: And a blue tarp! C'mon!

Burt: [after everyone runs into an outhouse to hide from the assblasters] Well... let's assess the situation.
Jack: We're screwed.
Jodi Chang: We're screwed in an outhouse?

Jodi Chang: [after killing an ass-blaster] Ha! Ass blaster! Blast your own damn ass!