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Lolita (Character)
from Lolita (1962)

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Lolita (1997)
Humbert: I missed you. I missed you a lot.
Lolita: Well I haven't missed you. In fact, I've been revoltingly unfaithful to you. But it doesn't matter, because you don't care about me anymore anyway.
Humbert: What makes you think I don't care about you?
Lolita: Well you haven't kissed me yet, have you?

Lolita: Murder me! Murder me like you murdered my mother!

Charlotte Haze: I asked you to make your bed. Didn't I?
Lolita: No. You asked me if I'd made my bed.

Lolita: I feel like we're grown-ups.
Humbert: Me, too.
Lolita: We get to do whatever we want, right?
Humbert: Whatever we want.

Humbert: How are the piano lessons going?
Lolita: Fine. Great. Excellent. Wonderful. Perfect.
Humbert: Especially since you missed the last two.

Lolita: You look one hundred percent better when I can't see you.

Lolita: Wait a sec. You're telling me we're sleeping in one room? With one bed?
Humbert: I've asked them to bring up a cot, which I'll use if you like.
Lolita: You're crazy.
Humbert: Why, my darling?
Lolita: Because, my darrr-ling, when my darrr-ling mother finds out she'll divorce you and strangle me.
Humbert: Lo, listen a moment. For all intents and purposes I am your father and I am responsible for your welfare. We are not rich, so when we travel, we shall be - we shall uh... we shall be thrown together a great deal. And two people who enter into a cohabitation inevitably lead into a kind of...
Lolita: The word is "incest".

Lolita: I was a daisy fresh girl and look what you've done to me.

Humbert: From here to that old car you know so well is a stretch of twenty-five paces. Make those twenty-five steps. With me. Now.
Lolita: You're saying you'll give us the money if I go to a motel with you?
Humbert: No, no, no. I mean leave here now, and come live with me. And die with me, and everything with me.
Lolita: You're crazy.

Humbert: What are you eating?
Lolita: It's called a jawbreaker. It's supposed to break your jaw. Want one?

Lolita: Do not tell me you've never done as a boy.
Humbert: Never.
Lolita: I think I'll have to show you everything.

Lolita (1962)
Humbert Humbert: You know, I've missed you terribly.
Lolita Haze: I haven't missed you. In fact, I've been revoltingly unfaithful to you.
Humbert Humbert: Oh?
Lolita Haze: But it doesn't matter a bit, because you've stopped caring anyway.
Humbert Humbert: What makes you say I've stopped caring for you?
Lolita Haze: Well, you haven't even kissed me yet, have you?

Lolita Haze: Do you always have to shave twice a day?
Humbert Humbert: Yes, of course, because all the best people shave twice a day.

Lolita Haze: [on her new husband] Dick's very sweet.

Lolita Haze: 'Fraid someone's gonna steal your ideas and sell 'em to Hollywood, huh?

Charlotte Haze: He is a writer and he is not be disturbed!
Lolita Haze: [makes the Nazi salute] Sieg heil!

Lolita Haze: Why don't we play a game?
Humbert Humbert: A game? Come on. No, you get on to room service at once.
Lolita Haze: No, really. I learned some real good games in camp. One in "particularly" was fun.
Humbert Humbert: Well, why don't you describe this one in "particularly" good game?
Lolita Haze: Well, I played it with Charlie.
Humbert Humbert: Charlie? Who's he?
Lolita Haze: Charlie? He's that guy you met in the office.
Humbert Humbert: You mean that boy? You and he?
Lolita Haze: Yeah. You sure you can't guess what game I'm talking about?
Humbert Humbert: I'm not a very good guesser.
Lolita Haze: [whispers in his ear and giggles]
Humbert Humbert: I don't know what game you played.
Lolita Haze: [whispers in his ear again] You mean you never played that game when you were a kid?
Humbert Humbert: No.
Lolita Haze: Alrighty then...

Lolita Haze: [Trying to console Humbert] I'm really sorry that I cheated so much. But I guess that's just the way things are.

Humbert Humbert: [Referring to Quilty] What happened to this Oriental-minded genius? When you left the hospital, where did he take you?
Lolita Haze: To New Mexico.
Humbert Humbert: Whereabouts in New Mexico?
Lolita Haze: To a dude ranch near Santa Fe. The only problem with it was he had such a bunch of weird friends staying there.
Humbert Humbert: What kind of "weird" friends?
Lolita Haze: Weird! Painters, nudists, writers, weightlifters... But I figured I could take anything for a couple of weeks.