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Quotes for
Charlotte Haze (Character)
from Lolita (1962)

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Lolita (1962)
Charlotte Haze: Do you believe in God?
Humbert Humbert: The question is does God believe in me?

Charlotte Haze: Hum, you just touch me and I... I... I go as limp as a noodle. It scares me.
Humbert Humbert: Yes, I know the feeling.

Clare Quilty: Listen, didn't you... didn't you have a daughter? Didn't you have a daughter with a lovely name? Yeah! A lovely... What was it now? A lovely, lyrical, lilting name, like, uh... uh...
Charlotte Haze: Lo-li-ta!
Clare Quilty: Lolita, that's right, Lolita. Diminutive of Dolores, "The Tears and the Roses."
Charlotte Haze: Wednesday she's going to have a cavity filled by your Uncle Ivor.
Clare Quilty: Yes. Hahahahaha... Yes.

Charlotte Haze: [to Humbert] Oh, you MAN!

Charlotte Haze: He is a writer and he is not be disturbed!
Lolita Haze: [makes the Nazi salute] Sieg heil!

Charlotte Haze: There's a nice view from this window... of the front lawn.

Charlotte Haze: Is, um, Madame Humbert, um...
Humbert Humbert: There's no "Madame". We are divorced...
Charlotte Haze: Oh...
Humbert Humbert: *Happily* divorced.
Charlotte Haze: When did all this happen?
Humbert Humbert: About a year ago - in Paris.
Charlotte Haze: Oh, Paris, France, madame... You know, monsieur, I really believe that it's only in the Romance Languages that one is able to really relate in a mature fashion. In fact I remember when the late Mr. Haze and I... when we were on our honeymoon abroad, I knew that I'd never felt married until I'd heard myself addressed as "Senora".
Humbert Humbert: So you were in Spain?
Charlotte Haze: No, Mexico!
Humbert Humbert: Oh, Mexico, mm-hmm!

Charlotte Haze: Oh M'sieur, if what you're needing is peace and quiet, I can assure you you couldn't get more peace anywhere, ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha.

Lolita (1997)
Charlotte Haze: I asked you to make your bed. Didn't I?
Lolita: No. You asked me if I'd made my bed.