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Mrs. Croft (Character)
from Gosford Park (2001)

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Gosford Park (2001)
Mrs. Croft: He's very full of himself, I must say. Doesn't eat meat. He's coming to a shooting party and he doesn't eat meat.
Mrs. Wilson: Now now Mrs Croft. We don't want to be thought unsophisticated do we? Mr Weissman's an American. They do things differently there.

[on Sir William's death]
Ethel: Why would anyone want to kill Sir William?
Mrs. Croft: Well, he wasn't exactly Father Christmas.

Mrs. Croft: He was a hard-hearted randy old sod.

Bertha: I can't stop thinkin' about those girls. The ones that got, you know...
Mrs. Croft: Well, I'm not surprised, the way you carry on. Just see it never happens to you, that's all.

[after maintaining her iron reserve throughout the whole film, Mrs. Wilson goes to her room and closes the door. A few minutes later, Mrs. Crofts goes in and finds her collapsed on her bed, sobbing uncontrollably]
Mrs. Croft: Don't cry, Jane. They'll hear you.
[Mrs. Wilson can't stop crying]
Mrs. Croft: Come on. You did what you thought was best for him at the time. I see that now.
Mrs. Wilson: Lizzie... I've lost him, Lizzie. I've lost him, he'll never know me. My boy...
Mrs. Wilson: Oh, my boy!
Mrs. Croft: [putting a hand on her shoulder] At least your boy is alive. He's alive. That's what matters.
[Mrs. Wilson touches her sister's face, and hugs her, crying softly]