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Quotes for
Elsie (Character)
from Gosford Park (2001)

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Gosford Park (2001)
[at the banquet dinner table]
Sir William McCordle: And why shouldn't I be interested in films? You don't know what I'm interested in.
Lady Sylvia McCordle: Well, I know you're interested in money and fiddling with your guns. But I admit it: when it comes to anything else, I'm stumped.
Elsie (Head Housemaid): Now, that is not fair, Bill is...
[Realizing that she spoke out of turn, Elsie quickly leaves the room]

Henry Denton: You Brits really don't have a sense of humor do you?
Elsie (Head Housemaid): We do if something's funny, sir.

[talking about Lady Sylvia]
Mary Maceachran: What was her family like?
Elsie: What you'd expect: toffee-nosed and useless. Her father was the Earl of Carton, which sounds good except he didn't have a pot to piss in.

Elsie: Why do we spend our time living through them? Look at poor old Lewis. If her own mother had a heart attack, she'd think it was less important than one of Lady Sylvia's farts.

Mary Maceachran: Her Ladyship says Sir William loves his shooting.
Elsie: Yeah, he does. Can't hit a barn door but he does love it. Sweet, really.

Mary Maceachran: What do I do with her Ladyship's jewels?
Elsie (Head Housemaid): This way. George is in charge of the safe, he's the first footman and you want to watch where he puts his hands.

Elsie (Head Housemaid): God, look at this, machine made lace.
Barnes: Hark at her!
Elsie (Head Housemaid): I hate cheap clothes. They're twice the work and they never look as good.

Robert Parks: Here we go again.
Mary Maceachran: That's just it. I've never done a real houseparty before. Not properly anyway.
Elsie (Head Housemaid): How come you got taken on as a countess lady's maid if you've got no experience?
Mary Maceachran: She wants to train me. She said she didn't care about experience.
Elsie (Head Housemaid): She didn't want to pay for it, you mean.

Mary Maceachran: Don't do anything I wouldn't do.
Elsie (Head Housemaid): At least I know that gives me room for manoeuvre.

Elsie (Head Housemaid): George?
George (First Footman): They're coming in a minute. The dressing bell's just gone.
Elsie (Head Housemaid): I'm going out of my mind up there. I've read all my magazines twice. You couldn't pinch something out of the library for me? I don't care if it's Horse and Hound, as long as I haven't read it.

Elsie (Head Housemaid): [while serving at dinner and interrupting Lady Sylvia] That's not fair! Billy...
[Elsie exits quickly]