Sharice Watters
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Sharice Watters (Character)
from Smokin' Aces (2006)

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Smokin' Aces (2006)
Sharice Watters: [watching a bunch of prostitutes enter the hotel] The ho train has left the station.

Sharice Watters: Let me ask you a question. Y'all let hoochies like stay up in here? I mean, 'cause y'all must be burning sheets by the ton.
Hotel Receptionist: Well...
Sharice Watters: As a female, that shit right there don't get you? Okay, it's bitches like that they reason why niggas don't pay our species any mind! They don't respect us? Yeah, we just meat for male consumption. Pieces of ass and pussy. Something pretty in lipstick and eyeliner that can suck a fucking cock!

Georgia Sykes: Once I'm inside, I'm putting chrome to Israel's head and backing out hot. Anybody get gully, you know.
Sharice Watters: I'm gonna grip and rip. I got some handloads up here ready to put some niggas out. Trust me.
Georgia Sykes: Just remember it's more of a rescue than a rampage, all right?
Sharice Watters: Hey, come on, man. You know I had bring big mama through.
Georgia Sykes: You got the .50 up?
Sharice Watters: Sure do.
Georgia Sykes: What the fuck? What the fuck are you trying to shoot? A jumbo jet out of the sky? Blast down the moon?
Sharice Watters: Any of these niggas make one false move, these bitches taking dirt naps. I ain't trying to be up here all day. And I tell you what. That bitch-ass fed get in the way, RIP, nigga.