Sir Ivy
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Sir Ivy (Character)
from Smokin' Aces (2006)

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Smokin' Aces (2006)
Sir Ivy: [carrying Georgia Sykes, who had been shot] You makin' a nigga fall hard, man...

Sir Ivy: What'd you say to Mecklen?
Buddy 'Aces' Israel: What I've always been sayin', let's make the fuckin' deal.
Sir Ivy: You see... this is one of the rare moments, where your ass gets to be completely honest... and if i'm asking you what you said to Mecklen, assume the shit is rhetorical, assume I already know.
Buddy 'Aces' Israel: What do you see right now? You see exactly, and only what I choose to show you. That is illusion Ivy, that is the lie that I tell your eyes, makin' the magic happen, in the moment, in that split second... but seeing behind this motherfucker and knowing... that it's all bullshit.
Sir Ivy: Yeah, you on some bullshit.
Buddy 'Aces' Israel: But I can shape it, I can shift it, I can make it as real as this room. That's why i'm valuable here Ivy and that is why you are not.
Sir Ivy: I ain't valuable?
Buddy 'Aces' Israel: I am sorry, I love you, I never wanted it to be like this, you know that.

Buddy 'Aces' Israel: These flowers are wilted, call the florist.
Sir Ivy: I need you to chill.
Buddy 'Aces' Israel: I need you to call the florist.

[realising that Aces is turning him in to the FBI]
Sir Ivy: Sending me off like your last chip?
Buddy 'Aces' Israel: You know I wouldn't.
Sir Ivy: You outta your fucking mind.
[reaches for his gun]
Buddy 'Aces' Israel: If you...
[throws a card and cuts Ivy's eye]
Sir Ivy: Motherfucker!
[fires blindly]

Sir Ivy: [to Buddy about their situation] When do we get concerned?