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Quotes for
"Pistol" Pete Deeks (Character)
from Smokin' Aces (2006)

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Smokin' Aces (2006)
[Hollis is playing with Rip's rabbit mask]
Rip Reed: Hey man. That's not yours.
"Pistol" Pete Deeks: [to Hollis] Put the fucking rabbit down!
Rip Reed: Appreciate it man, get your dick beaters off it.

Hollis Elmore: If this Israel really is the great whale of snitches, then what are we doing messing with the mob, who are correct me if I'm wrong, but I think they're gonna pour boxes of bullets into his ass?
"Pistol" Pete Deeks: [agitated] Here we go.
Hollis Elmore: What incentive is there, to track him on something small time is a fucking skip trade?
Jack Dupree: So I take it you're not going?
Hollis Elmore: No, no. I'm going to Kentucky to take Fort Knox with a fucking slingshot, and then I'm going to hell after Hitler.
"Pistol" Pete Deeks: Would you please find your fangs! You fucking coward. What is wrong with you?
[Hollis shows him the middle finger]
"Pistol" Pete Deeks: Seriously, what is wrong with you?

Jack Dupree: How about the Tremor brothers? Three of them; same skank mom, different deadbeat dads. They're used for that suicide-style, kamikaze shit. Heard about that dinner club in Cleveland?
"Pistol" Pete Deeks: That got squat-fucked, shot-to-shit, slashed, and burned?
Hollis Elmore: What happened?
Jack Dupree: Well the Tremor brothers go rip-shit riot on the whole fucking place. Seven dead, twenty-eight wounded. Just to get this one fucking guy. In the course of the melee, one of them gets shot in the neck - he passes out. Another one catches blowback from a jammed piece - he's temporarily blinded. Third one gets a bullet lodged in his back - he can't walk. They're speed-freak, neo-Nazi assholes who read and recite Mein Kampf like it was Mother Goose. They're meaner than shit, they're dumber than hell, and these motherfuckers will go megaton at the drop of a hat.