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Abe Petrovsky (Character)
from Rounders (1998)

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Rounders (1998)
Professor Petrovsky: [to mike sitting across from him in a bar] The last thing I took away from the Yeshiva was this: we cant run from who we are, our destiny chooses us.

Mike McDermott: [sitting across from each other in a bar] If you had it to do all over again, knowing what would happen, would you make the same choice?
Professor Petrovsky: [Smiling] what choice?

Professor Petrovsky: [sitting across from each other in a bar] For generations, the men of my family have been rabbis in Israel before that in Europe, it was to be my calling. I was quite a prodigy. I was the "pride" of my Yeshiva. The elders said I had a forty year old understanding of the Midrash. By the time I was twelve by the time I was thirteen I knew I could never be a rabbi.
Mike McDermott: Why not?
Professor Petrovsky: Because for all I understood of the Talmud, I never saw God there.

Professor Petrovsky: [in his office] You're in trouble?
Mike McDermott: Yes sir, I am, not with the law, I owe
Professor Petrovsky: Gambling debt?
Mike McDermott: Yes, it's not mine, I vouched for the wrong guy, now it's on me
Professor Petrovsky: I understand, what will it take to be free of this?
Mike McDermott: I need fifteen thousand tonight
Professor Petrovsky: I'm not a wealthy man
Mike McDermott: I know, it kills me to ask you this, I don't have any other play, if you can help me at all
Professor Petrovsky: I hate to see you like this and I want to help you, if it must be tonight, ten is the best I can do
Mike McDermott: Will you do that?
Professor Petrovsky: Yes
[writes a check]
Professor Petrovsky: so you take this money and get yourself out of this trouble, you hear me?
Mike McDermott: I promise I'll pay you back
Professor Petrovsky: [nods] I know good luck

Mike McDermott: [In bar] Mind if I sit?
Professor Petrovsky: Please, have a seat
Professor Petrovsky: That was a nifty trick the other night
Mike McDermott: Thank you
Professor Petrovsky: Marinacci and the DA were ready to cut cards for your services, of course it was altogether a different trick you pulled today, the disappearing act at your meeting.
Mike McDermott: Yeah, I figured I owe you an explanation.
Professor Petrovsky: No, not to me, I'm sure there was a good reason you left, you just have to work harder, prepare and smooth things out with the others, I'm sure there was a good reason why you left.
Mike McDermott: [nods]

Professor Petrovsky: [sitting across from each other in a bar] I know a magician doesn't reveal his secrets
Mike McDermott: I'm not a magician
Professor Petrovsky: If it wasn't "magic", how did you know what everyone held?
Mike McDermott: It's a combination of things: I was watching when the cards came out, that's just an old habit with me, it's like breathing
Professor Petrovsky: Watch the cards?
Mike McDermott: I watch the cards but I also watch the player react to the cards. That's how I knew the DA made his two pair and judge Kaplan missed the flush, I was watching their eyes when they checked their river cards, their faces tell you everything
Professor Petrovsky: [Confused] you watch the man? I never knew you had to calculate so much in cards
Mike McDermott: here's some advice, just play premium hands, you only start with jacks or better if its good enough to call you've also got to be in there raising, tight but aggressive and I do mean aggressive, you've got to think of it as a war
Professor Petrovsky: [Jokingly] you're officially never invited to our game again
Mike McDermott: I don't blame you, put a guy like me in that game, cards don't even matter I'll play it blind

Mike McDermott: You have a respectable profession
Professor Petrovsky: Not to my family my parents were devastated, destroyed by my decision my father sent me away to New York to live with distant cousins I eventually found my place, my life's work
Mike McDermott: What then?
Professor Petrovsky: I amerced myself fully, I studied everything I could about the law I felt deeply inside that it was what I was born to do
Mike McDermott: Did your parents get over it?
Professor Petrovsky: No, I always hoped that I would find some way to change their mind, but they were inconsolable, my father never spoke to me again