Lester 'Worm' Murphy
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Lester 'Worm' Murphy (Character)
from Rounders (1998)

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Rounders (1998)
Mike McDermott: Would you stop fucking around, for five goddamn minutes for once in your fucking life?
Worm: Whoa, Jesus, what happened? My old man just walked in.

Lester 'Worm' Murphy: Where did you come up with the scratch for that? You've been rolling fags in the Village again, haven't you?

Worm: [referring to Mike's girlfriend Jo being too restrict on Mike's social life] She's really got him by the balls.
Petra: That's not so bad, is it?
Worm: It depends on the grip!

[Mike's girlfriend has just left him over his broken promise not to play poker]
Worm: You know what always cheers me up?
Mike McDermott: No, what's that?
Worm: Rolled up aces over kings. Check-raising stupid tourists and taking huge pots off of them. Playing all-night high-limit Hold'em at the Taj, "where the sand turns to gold." Stacks and towers of checks I can't even see over.
Mike McDermott: Fuck it, let's go.
Worm: Don't tease me.
Mike McDermott: Let's play some cards.
Worm: Yes!

Worm: I guess the sayings' true. In the poker game of life, women are the rake man. They are the fuckin' rake.
Mike McDermott: What the fuck are you talkin' about. What saying?
Worm: I-I don't know. There ought to be one though.

Worm: [to Roman and Maurice, chastising them for deliberately speaking Russian to each other while playing poker] You wanna see the seventh card, stop speaking fucking sputnik! I'm sure you guys were talking about pirogies and snow but let's cut that out.

Worm: [Pretending to be a sore loser at the college fraternity game] Like my uncle Les used to say "When the money is gone, it's time to move on". So enjoy it, you secret handshaking assholes.

Mike McDermott: You comin' up?
Lester 'Worm' Murphy: [sarcastically] No, I've been standin' out here all this time just to say hi.
Mike McDermott: All right, listen, things haven't been that smooth on the homefront so, you know, tone it down a little, all right?
Lester 'Worm' Murphy: [jokingly, intentionally, ignoring Mike's request] Tone done what, motherfucker?

Worm: Now, what did I ever do to that guy?
Mike McDermott: [amused] You fucked his mother, yeah but she was a good looking older woman you gotta give me that.

Mike McDermott: What happened?
Lester 'Worm' Murphy: Nothing, she closed her legs too fast!

Worm: Hey, I'm not gonna let a garbage can fall on my head.
Mike McDermott: No, you're gonna jump out of the way and let it land on me.

Grama: You owe twenty five I'll take the rest in five days
Mike McDermott: [trying to reach an agreement to pay off Worm's debt to and Teddy KGB] Five grand a week and you keep the juice going we want what you want we want to square this thing but three days is impossible no one's saying "your not the man", just think of it as a business decision, he just got out let's put him on a plan
Grama: This is not the money store we're not negotiating I tell you how it works
Mike McDermott: Then I'm asking
Grama: [Intentionally belittling Worm] you looking for some charity?
Worm: [feeling offended] , you know what?I need your fucking charity like I need your cock in my ass.
Mike McDermott: [to Worm, irritated by his ego] Will you shut the fuck up?
Grama: It's too late for him to shut the fuck up
Mike McDermott: His good for it
Grama: If you think his good for it then it's on you too
Mike McDermott: Then it's on me too
Grama: Fifteen large five days or I start breaking things.

Mike McDermott: [after have been caught base dealing, beaten up, and thrown out at the sheriffs game] What the fuck were you thinking?
Worm: I was trying to give us an edge
Mike McDermott: I had them
Worm: Look I'm sorry we got banged up, I took a shot and missed, it happens
Mike McDermott: Happens all the time around you
Worm: And it doesn't happen to you? You're the one that flushed his whole bank roll on one hand
Mike McDermott: Oh fuck you man, that was different
Worm: How is that different? What makes you so fucking special? Why are all your moves so smart and noble and I'm always the idiot piece of shit? You act like you're only one with any ambition
Mike McDermott: Then what's your ambition? I don't know, you tell me
Worm: I don't know, I don't think like that
Mike McDermott: No, you don't think
Worm: No, I don't think like you, you always think you can beat the game straight up, that's not me, and I'm always going to look for that edge, always
Mike McDermott: Alright, what's the edge now? We owe fifteen grand in a day and we're broke, what the fuck do we do?
Worm: That's easy, we get the fuck outta dodge, we stay clear of the city for a while, we'll hit the road, we'll be up again in no time, this will all blow over, we'll have a ball.
Mike McDermott: not a fucking chance I'm going to live like that, you talk to Grama, you get him to stake me
Worm: it's not going to work, we're not dealing with Grama.
Mike McDermott: [surprised] you said Grama was on his own
Worm: [looks down, remains silent, having been caught in a lie]
Mike McDermott: [insisting worm tell him the truth] you told me Grama was on his own
Worm: KGB bankrolled him
Mike McDermott: So you just fucked us right in the ass
Worm: [showing the car keys] yeah, all the way, you see what I'm saying. no fooling around, it's highway time, you with me or not?
Mike McDermott: no I'm not this time.
Worm: [surprised] , you're really going back there?
Mike McDermott: yeah

Worm: [while base dealing] Who wants more? I'm in, I'm staging a late night comeback, a "late night rally", just to warn you
Vitter: [Grabs Worm's hand] Hold on there
Worm: What are you doing?
Vitter: Give me the deck
Worm: Relax don't get so agitated
Vitter: Looks like we got a rogue game here
Worm: A what?
State Trooper: What the hell is going on over here?
Vitter: [Referring to Worm] This son of a bitch is base dealing, I caught a hanger
Worm: A "hanger"? What are you saying? I don't even know what you're saying
State Trooper: His saying you're dealing off the bottom of the deck
Worm: Come on guys
Sean Frye: [Referring to Mike] What'd he give him?
Vitter: Seven of hearts
State Trooper: [to Mike and Worm] You boys working? Are you professionals?
Mike McDermott: No listen I was winning before this guy got here
State Trooper: Let the cards do the talking, if the seven didn't help you we'll listen to what you have to say
Worm: [Ozzie turns mike's cards over] hey, three of a kind you've Ozzie three sixes like...
Vitter: SHUT UP
State Trooper: [Vitter gives him the deck of cards and he shows the ace of spades on the bottom] One last thing
Worm: [All the state troopers stand up] Alright take it easy are you going to read us our rights at least?

Worm: [to Mike after Worm was released from prison] You've got to understand there's two economies in there, there's cash and there's trade, so I've got to keep three games going at once, a game with the white guys, a game with the brothers and a game with the guards, the trick is I've got to skim enough cash off the white guys so I can lose it to the guards so they can keep doing me favors and then I've got to trim enough smokes off the brothers so I can trade and keep living in the "style" I've grown accustomed to and I've got to do all of this without getting my ass kicked.

Mike McDermott: Here's the play: I know this girl Barbra I was so close to banging her before I went away, she works as a hostess for all the trust fund babies in there, she got me in their game, she introduces me as her "cousin" from out of town who loves to gamble and wants to win at poker.
Mike McDermott: It sounds solid, that's a nice hook up
Worm: It's all the way nice, but I got this "feeling".
Mike McDermott: What "feeling" is that exactly?
Worm: You know this "feeling", I got the table all set, knife, fork, sauce...
Mike McDermott: [Implying Worm doesn't have money to buy into this game] You just don't have the "steak"
Worm: Exactly
Mike McDermott: [Giving Worm money] here's two twenty, that'll get you started
Worm: Two twenty? Thanks but that's like eleven bets I can't even get a table in here.
Mike McDermott: Then forget this game I'll straighten you out in the city tomorrow.
Worm: I'm already behind here.
Mike McDermott: You just got out, what's the big fucking hurry?
Worm: The hurry is other than you, there are five guys eagerly waiting my release.
Mike McDermott: How much do you owe?
Worm: Like ten.
Mike McDermott: Ten?
Worm: I can't even figure it out with the juice. I can get started on this easy if it's you and me working together.
Mike McDermott: I heard you asking me before and I hear you asking now but I can't do that, I just can't do that, I've made promises.
Worm: I totally understand, its fine. I'll just make a couple moves earlier than I would've before.

Lester 'Worm' Murphy: [referring to making money by playing cards] have you been working? Is your game sharp?
Mike McDermott: No, I'm off it
Lester 'Worm' Murphy: You're getting cold cards?
Mike McDermott: No I quit
Lester 'Worm' Murphy: What, are you shitting me?
Mike McDermott: I got cleaned out
Lester 'Worm' Murphy: Mike McDe, you lost?
Mike McDermott: It was a real blood game over at KGB's place
Lester 'Worm' Murphy: You sat down with the mad Russian and he emptied your pockets?
Mike McDermott: Yeah I didn't want to tell you while you were in prison, I didn't want to dispirit you.
Lester 'Worm' Murphy: So you're just a student now? What are doing for money?
Mike McDermott: I'm driving Knish's truck
Lester 'Worm' Murphy: Oh my God, you're killing me, we've got to get you back in the game we're old partners, we're going to "run it" like we always did.
Mike McDermott: No, I'm off it I really am, I'm done.

Mike McDermott: You're in town for five fucking minutes and you already got a sign on your back
Worm: That fucking Knish rat me out? Come on you've got to stop listening to that guy, he sees all the angles but doesn't have the balls to play any.
Mike McDermott: That guy hasn't had to work in fifteen years
Worm: You don't think that's work? Grinding it out on his leather ass? No thank you.
Mike McDermott: I thought so too now I know what real work is, speaking of which are you going to get a job? Are you going to look? Or you're just going back to printing those credit cards? Are you going away again?
Worm: First of all I wasn't "printing" I was "distributing" its different, second of all I'm never going back there, stop worrying so much.
Mike McDermott: I want you to think long term, be smart every place in Manhattan they all keep books if you get listed as a "mechanic" not only you're going to get the shit kicked out of you you're not going to get a game anywhere in New York, it's just stupid it's bad business.
Worm: This is what I love about you, you think about the big picture.
Worm: But it's not me, I don't play the game straight up then if I lose I find some real work I see a mark I take them down, that's what I do, that's the way I live.
Mike McDermott: I know you're the guy that taught me all the angles but I'm not the one with my nose open right now I'm going to preach to you, those two guys in there they're not "rabbits" ,Roman and Maurice they're Russian outfit guys, not as bad as KGB but you don't want to be fucking around with those guys.
Worm: Those fake Versace shirts and shit?
Mike McDermott: You still got time, go back in there and lose their money back to them, and make it look good.

Petra: So how'd you do?
Worm: [Hands her his winnings in poker chips] So, so, six thousand, two thousand and here's two more
Petra: Alright so its ten grand total, take back the two we lent you, give you the "white meat."
Worm: you know what? Why don't you give me all of it?
Petra: Usually credit players leave with their profit otherwise the juice starts five points a week on Mike
Worm: Ok we'll owe you