Father Callaway
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Father Callaway (Character)
from The Amityville Horror (2005)

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The Amityville Horror (2005)
Father Callaway: Your house frightens me, Mrs. Lutz.

Father Callaway: Mrs. Lutz, get you and your family out of that house. Right now!

Father Callaway: There was a family... lived here some time ago. They had a similar problem.
Kathy Lutz: The DeFeos.
Father Callaway: You knew them?
Kathy Lutz: I'm living in their house.

Father Callaway: You know the doll with one eye that your daughter is holding?
Kathy Lutz: Yes, well...
Father Callaway: Well, that belonged to the little girl who lived here before you.
Kathy Lutz: Yes, it was left here.
Father Callaway: No, Mrs. Lutz, it was not left here.
Kathy Lutz: Father, what exactly are you trying to tell me?
Father Callaway: I knew the DeFeo's very well. I presided over their funeral. Jodie DeFeo was buried with that doll.