Michael Lutz
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Michael Lutz (Character)
from The Amityville Horror (2005)

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The Amityville Horror (2005)
Michael Lutz: We're *rich*!
George Lutz: Rich off of somethin', but it ain't money.

Michael Lutz: Do I have to call you Dad, now?
George Lutz: Guess what?
Michael Lutz: What?
George Lutz: You can call me whatever you want.
Michael Lutz: Anything?
George Lutz: Yep.
Michael Lutz: Cool.
George Lutz: Anything.
Michael Lutz: Cool.
George Lutz: Yeah.
Michael Lutz: Um... Stinky?
George Lutz: Sure.
Michael Lutz: Poopy-head?
George Lutz: Yeah.
Michael Lutz: Crap-monkey-fart?
George Lutz: [laughing] Okay, we gotta draw the line somewhere, pal, that does it!

Michael Lutz: George, George? Look what I found?
George Lutz: What is that? Where'd you find that?
Michael Lutz: Harry and I found it.
George Lutz: Where?
Michael Lutz: In the basement.
Michael Lutz: Not the basement. My office. You listen to me. You don't go down there. Understand?

Billy Lutz: How did he do it?
Michael Lutz: Do what?
Lisa: You are way too young to hear this. So cover your ears. And don't listen. A rifle. Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! He went from room to room, splattering their heads as they slept. He killed his brothers in this very room. Right here... in these beds.

Michael Lutz: This house is bad, Mommy.