Kathy Lutz
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Kathy Lutz (Character)
from The Amityville Horror (1979)

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The Amityville Horror (1979)
Kathy Lutz: She was shot in the head.

Kathy Lutz: I just wish that... all those people hadn't died here. I mean... ugh! A guy kills his whole family. Doesn't that bother you?
George: Well, sure, but... houses don't have memories.

Kathy Lutz: [to George, after having an encounter with Jody] What I saw was not a cat!

Kathy Lutz: [George goes back to rescue the family dog] George! No! No!

George: What do you think?
Kathy Lutz: I love it. But, honey... Eighty thousand dollars? It may as well be eight hundred thousand dollars.

Kathy Lutz: [sobs] Why is it all going wrong? We have to do something.

Amy: [sings] Jesus loves me, this I know / For the bible tells me so / Little ones to him belong / They are weak but he is strong / Yes, Jesus loves me / Yes, Jesus loves me / Yes, Jesus loves me / The bible...
Kathy Lutz: Who are you singin' to, princess?
Amy: You scared Jody.
Kathy Lutz: Jody? There's no one here, see?
Amy: You scared her. She went out the window.
Kathy Lutz: She went out the window? Well, I'd better check and make sure she's not still there, huh?

Kathy Lutz: What's going on? Have you all gone mad? George!

George: Peace to this house and all who enter in it. Peace to this house and all who enter in it.
Kathy Lutz: Forgive our sins, and save us from all illness. Grant this through Jesus Christ, our Lord.
George: Peace to this house and all who enter in it.
Kathy Lutz: What, what's happening?

Kathy Lutz: Would you please leave that damn fire alone and listen to me?
George: I'm not going anywhere. You're the one that wanted a house. This is it, so just shut up!
Kathy Lutz: [With tears in her eyes] You... bastard!
George: [Smacks Kathy, hard]

[last lines]
Kathy Lutz: Thank God.

The Amityville Horror (2005)
Kathy Lutz: Nobody's dying today.

Kathy Lutz: What were you thinking?
[after Chelsea walks across the roof of the house]
Chelsea Lutz: I just wanted to see Daddy.

Realtor: We're happy?
Kathy Lutz: Yes, we're happy.
George Lutz: [pointing to Kathy] She's happy. I'm broke.

Kathy Lutz: [Eating at dinner table, George spits out his food, making a scene] Is this discipline, or torture?
George Lutz: I thought it was meatloaf...

Father Callaway: There was a family... lived here some time ago. They had a similar problem.
Kathy Lutz: The DeFeos.
Father Callaway: You knew them?
Kathy Lutz: I'm living in their house.

Father Callaway: You know the doll with one eye that your daughter is holding?
Kathy Lutz: Yes, well...
Father Callaway: Well, that belonged to the little girl who lived here before you.
Kathy Lutz: Yes, it was left here.
Father Callaway: No, Mrs. Lutz, it was not left here.
Kathy Lutz: Father, what exactly are you trying to tell me?
Father Callaway: I knew the DeFeo's very well. I presided over their funeral. Jodie DeFeo was buried with that doll.

Kathy Lutz: I know you miss your daddy, baby. But no one can see him because he's in heaven... He's with the angels.

Kathy Lutz: Why did you run away from my house? Why did you abandon us?

Kathy Lutz: I just read about this man, Ketcham... who tortured Indians on my land. On my basement. I read about how he slit his throat, so that his prescence would live forever. Do you believe this could be true?

George Lutz: I think she misses her daddy. Don't you?
Kathy Lutz: Give me back my daughter.