Marshal Will Kane
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Marshal Will Kane (Character)
from High Noon (1952)

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High Noon (1952)
Will: I've got to, that's the whole thing.

Will: Don't shove me Harv. I'm tired of being shoved.

Will: Stay at the hotel until it's over.
Amy: No, I won't be here when it's over. You're asking me to wait an hour to find out if I'm going to be a wife or a widow. I say it's too long to wait! I won't do it!
Will: Amy!
Amy: I mean it! If you won't go with me now, I'll be on that train when it leaves here.

[when his Deputy Sheriff, his last hope of help, deserts him]
Will: Go on home to your kids, Herb.

Will: [initially leaving town] This is crazy, I don't even have any guns.

Will: [Sees a teenage boy loafing near a storefront] Johnny, why aren't you in church?
Johnny - Town Boy: Why aren't you?
[Will raises his hand as if to slap the boy for being disrespectful]

[Johnny peers from the back room into Marshal Kane's office. He sees the marshal slumped over at his desk, sniffling. Kane hears him come in and looks up at him]
Will: What do you want?
Johnny - Town Boy: I found them, all but Mr Henderson.
Will: I found him, thanks.
Johnny - Town Boy: You're welcome. Marshal, let me fight with you. I ain't afraid.
Will: No.
Johnny - Town Boy: Please, let me, Marshal!
Will: You're a kid! You're a baby!
Johnny - Town Boy: I'm sixteen! I can handle a gun, too!
Will: You're fourteen. What do you wanna lie for?
Johnny - Town Boy: I'm big for my age! Please, Marshal!
Will: Well, you're big for your age, but no, go on, get out of here.

High Noon, Part II: The Return of Will Kane (1980) (TV)
Will Kane: Son, you don't want to do what you're thinkin'
Harlan Tyler: I don't, huh?
Will Kane: You can't talk to him, huh?
Ben Irons: No, I'm just his interpreter.
Will Kane: All right, Ben... he touches his gun, I go to you first and then him.
Ben Irons: That's a stylish bluff... makes a poor child stop and consider... almost like you think you can take us both.
Will Kane: Well, I got no reason to doubt it.

Will Kane: [Coming across Alonzo and an Indian tracker] Well, a town marshal that hires trackers!
Alonzo: We got our eyes watchin' every move Mr. Ben Irons makes. He and his partner will lay low for a while and then try to edge their way out.
Will Kane: You run the hounds and then Ward comes in for the kill. What does he do then? Throw you a bone?
Alonzo: Man pays me a wage - I give him a day's work.
[shouting after Kane has ridden away]
Alonzo: He don't make me do anything I don't want too!

High Noon (2000) (TV)
Will Kane: [after killing one of Miller's men] You should have paid the man, Miller. For dying that hard.