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Quotes for
Carson (Character)
from Flightplan (2005)

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Flightplan (2005)
Carson: Hey! Your husband didn't jump off that roof! He flew!

Carson: The only piece of evidence is this
Carson: tall, and will soon be vaporised!

Carson: What are you going to do? Blow us both up?
Kyle: No. Just you.

[to Kyle]
Carson: Hey, are you watching this movie? Not too funny. 'Course at 36,000 feet, you can't just up and walk out of the theater, can you?

Carson: You just scared the shit out of 400 passengers, people who didn't plan on spending the night in Newfoundland!

Carson: You know, people will think what I *tell* them to think. That's how authority works.

Therapist: She needs a moment on her own.
Carson: Is she any kind of threat to herself?
Therapist: No, no. No, no.
Carson: Should I take her belt and shoelaces?