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Ronnie (Character)
from Disturbia (2007)

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Disturbia (2007)
Ashley: [to Ronnie and Kale] What took you so long?
Kale: We were upstairs playing.
Ronnie: Video games!

Ronnie: It reeks in here!
Kale: What's it smell like?
Ronnie: The corpse of a rotting hottie.

Ronnie: [whispering] Help me...

Ronnie: Operation Stupid is officially over!

Ronnie: Oh my god, you've made the tower of Twinkie! Is that in a stalker's handbook somewhere?

Ronnie: Yes, concentrate. Now this one's for the gold.

Ronnie: I really *really* love your neighborhood.

Ronnie: [repeated word, emphasizing pronunciation during a Spanish class presentation] Quizas.
[class laughs]

Ronnie: Man, I was in your closet for like two weeks. I gotta take a piss.

Ronnie: Dude you havta see this I got like my whole great escape on video!

Ronnie: [breaking into a car] This is a lot harder than it looks on the Internet.

[last lines]
Ronnie: [filming Kale and Ashley kissing] Soon to be the most popular video on YouTube.

Ronnie: [freaking out] Why you sound so agitated?

Ronnie: [listening to "You'll Never Find" by Lou Rawls] My dad likes this song, by the way.

Ronnie: [Ronnie is attempting to break into Turner's car while talking to Kale on a phone] Are you sure I'm still in the clear?
Kale: [Kale switches to Ashley who is following Turner at the store] Ashley, where's Turner now?
Ashley: He's shovel shopping. Visual coming your way.
[Ashley sends a picture of Turner on her phone to Kale's computer]
Ronnie: Are you sure I'm still clear?
Kale: [Looking at picture of Turner at store] Yeah, you're golden, man. He's still in the store.
Ronnie: [Sitting down in front of Turner's car] Ok...
Kale: [Ashley is sending continuous photos of Turner to Kale's computer] Well, that's pretty cool.
Ronnie: What are you talking about?
Kale: Ashley's got like a live feed going here.

Kale: All right that's it. Give me the phone, I'm calling the cops
Ashley: Wait, he didn't even do anything. All he said was that he liked his privacy
Kale: But think about that, why does he want his privacy? I mean he's hiding something, we know that.
Ronnie: Yeah, definitely.
Kale: Right? And he knows that we know that, he knows that, and regardless of if he had a bad day or good one, it doesen't matter. He scared the hell out of you, that's a grown man.
Ashley: Look, Kale, he freaked me out, but he's right. We're the ones spying.
Ronnie: Oh, man, she has that Stockholm thing. You know where the hostage falls for the hostage taker?
Ashley: Where do you get this stuff?
Ronnie: I read a lot?
Kale: Ok, I have a question, how is that a nice and charming guy?
Ashley: I didn't say that.
Kale: Ok, Ash, what you said was that "He broke into my car, but did it in a nice way?". Maybe I'm not understanding
Ronnie: Ok, you know what? Can we just...
Ashley: Drop this? This is obviously not a cute little game anymore. This has gone way too far.
[Cell phone rings]
Ashley: Hi, mom. No, I'm not over here.
Ashley: Ok, I'm coming.
[to Kale and Ronnie]
Ashley: Parents anniversary amazingly enough... Just drop this, I'll call you later, ok?

Kale: This is my friend, Ronnie. Ronald. Say hi, Ronald.
Ronnie: Hi, Ronald.