Carol Anne Freeling
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Carol Anne Freeling (Character)
from Poltergeist (1982)

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Poltergeist (1982)
Carol Anne: They're here.

Diane: Sweetheart, last night, when you said "They're here'...
Carol Anne: Can I take my goldfish to school?
Diane: Sweetheart, do you remember last night when you woke up, and you said "They're here'?
Carol Anne: Uh huh.
Diane: Well, who did you mean?
Carol Anne: The TV People.
Robbie: She's stoned.
Dana: Oh yeah? What do you know about it?
Robbie: More than you. Ask Dad.

Diane: TV people?
Carol Anne: Uh-huh.
Diane: Do you see them?
Carol Anne: Uh-uh. Do you?
Diane: Uh-uh.

Diane: Ahhh... this is probably going to be seem a little strange. We hear better on this channel. Don't ask me why. Well... ah... I guess I will call her. Carol Anne. Ah... it's mommy, sweetheart. Ah, we want to talk to you. Please answer me baby. Please answer me. Please talk to me, bunny.
Marty: Look at the dog.
Diane: Are you with us now? Can you... can you say hello to daddy?
Carol Anne: Hello, daddy.
Steve: Hello, sweet pea.
Diane: It's mommy, sweetheart.
Carol Anne: Hello, mommy.
Diane: Hello, baby. Can you see me? Can you see mommy?
Carol Anne: Mommy? Where are you? Where are you?
Diane: We're home, baby. We're home. Can you find me? Can you find a way to us, baby?
Carol Anne: Mommy, where are you? I can't find you. I can't. I'm afraid of the Light, mommy. I'm afraid of the Light.

Carol Anne: No more!

[first lines]
Carol Anne: Hello? What do you look like? Talk louder, I can't hear you! Hey, hello! Hello, I can't hear you! Five. Yes. Yes. I don't know. I don't know.

Carol Anne: [puts a twizzler in the Tweety's coffin] For when he's hungry.
Carol Anne: [puts a picture in Tweety's coffin] For when he's lonely.
Carol Anne: [puts a piece of cloth in Tweety's coffin] For when it's bedtime.
[breaks down in tears in Mom's arms]

Carol Anne: [Her first words after being rescued] Hi, Daddy.

Carol Anne: I want pepperoni pizza!

Carol Anne: [burying the canary, Carol Anne says a prayer] Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord my soul to keep.
Dana: [sarcastically] Oh brother!
Carol Anne: If I shall die before I wake...
Dana: [whispers to Diane] It did.
Carol Anne: ...I pray the Lord my soul to take.

Diane: The TV people?
Carol Anne: Up there.
Diane: Do you see them?
Carol Anne: Uh uh... do you?
Diane: Uh uh.

Carol Anne: Mommy didn't cook any dinner.
Diane: We'll go to Pizza Hut, all right?

Carol Anne: That burned!
Diane: Sorry, baby, floor needed more wax.

Carol Anne: You promised pizza.

Poltergeist II: The Other Side (1986)
Carol Ann: They're back.

Kane: Are you lost, sweetheart? Are you 'fraid, honey? Well then, why don't you come with me?
Carol Anne Freeling: No!
Kane: Alright then! I'll sing you a song... until your mom comes back!
Kane: God is in His Holy Temple! Earthly thoughts be silent now!

Carol Anne: Hi, Grandma. Do you have wings now? My ballerina costume does. Grandma? Who are you? No, uh-ah. I don't remember. What?
Toy robot: Hello, little one. I am your friend. We want the angel.
Robbie Freeling: Carol Anne, what is going on? Carol Anne, what are you doing? Carol Anne, come on. What are you doing?

Carol Anne: So, after Alice fell down the hole, why'd she drink from that bottle?
Diane: Because it said, 'Drink me' on it.
Carol Anne: Oh. Were they gonna capture her... and take her someplace bad?
Diane: Yes, but Alice gets home alright, remember?
Carol Anne: Did she know why they wanted to hurt her?
Diane: I don't think so, honey.
Carol Anne: 'Cause I know.
Diane: You know what?
Carol Anne: Why they're here.
Diane: Why, baby? Why are they here?
Carol Anne: (near tears) 'Cause they don't know where else to go!

Carol Anne Freeling: I've read about these rain dances, I know.
Robbie Freeling: We don't need rain.

Kane: [to Steve about Taylor] Please! Open your hearts and your minds to what I am saying. He is dangerous. I can see that he has a strong hold on this family. Who do your wife and children turn to with they're problems? They turn to him, now don't they? They don't trust you anymore, but what you fear, is that you're not man enough to hold this family together.
Steve Freeling: [stunned] How do you know?
Kane: Because, I'm smart. And I'm your friend. And I know... what you are thinking.
Steve Freeling: How?
Kane: Now, let me in, and let's talk about it. Let me in.
Steve Freeling: [wavering] You are my friend.
Kane: Let me in.
Carol Anne Freeling: [from somewhere in the house] Daddy?
Kane: Now! Before its too late!
Steve Freeling: No!
Kane: [furious] You're gonna die in there! All of you! YOU ARE GONNA DIE!
Steve Freeling: Get the hell out of here!
Kane: Sorry to see, you're still unconvinced. Pleasure visiting with you.

Steve Freeling: Taylor said we go back together as a family, that's all of us.
Robbie Freeling: Do you believe him, Dad?
Diane: Honey, it was real smart of you to hide in the car like that.
Carol Anne Freeling: It wasn't my idea. Taylor said it was the only safe place.
Robbie Freeling: Dad, do you believe him?
Steve Freeling: I... I do... I do believe him son... I do.

Robbie Freeling: Dad, are we gonna have to move again?
Steve Freeling: I don't know Robbie. I'm gonna think about it.
Diane: Where could we go?
Carol Anne Freeling: Disneyland?
Robbie Freeling: Oh puke, don't be such an infant!
Diane: Shhh!
Carol Anne Freeling: Ok, what about Dunkin' Donuts?
Robbie Freeling: Shut up, jerko!

Poltergeist (2015)
Madison Bowen: They're here.

Madison Bowen: They're coming.

Madison Bowen: We're gonna get in big trouble.

Madison Bowen: Our last closet ate me.

Poltergeist III (1988)
Carol Anne: A woman's entitled to change her mind.

Pat Gardner: [after Bruce gets sucked into the window void outside the building, Carol Anne shows up to warn Pat off]
Pat Gardner: Carol Anne!
Carol Anne: [sadly] Go away, Pat! He doesn't want them, he only wants me! You don't love me, you don't want me here. My parents don't love me either. They sent me away. Kane loves me, Kane wants me!
[holds out her hand]
Carol Anne: Give me Tangina's necklace and you can have Bruce and Donna back. They're your family. I'll go with Kane.
Pat Gardner: [voice quivering] Your mom and dad do love you! They love you very much! And I love you too. It's hard for me to show it sometimes but I do love you!
Carol Anne: [doesn't believe her] No, save your family! They're the ones who mean something to you, not me!
Pat Gardner: [with tears in her eyes] That's not true! You are part of my family! You and Donna are like my children! I love you, Carol Anne and I'll do anything to prove that! You've got to believe me!
Carol Anne: [angrily] No! Go away!
Pat Gardner: [sobbing] Carol Anne!
Carol Anne: [with Kane's voice and face] Go away!
[Pat jumps back in shock and the spirit masquerading as Carol Anne disappears into the void]

Carol Anne: You are so declasse.

Carol Anne: [after missing her ride] Great! I don't have to go to that creepy school today!