Archer Dolittle
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Archer Dolittle (Character)
from Doctor Dolittle (1998)

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Doctor Dolittle (1998)
Maya Dolittle: Grandpa, did Daddy learn how to be bossy from you?
Archer Dolittle: He certainly didn't learn it from his mother, God rest her soul.
[John's Range-Rover drives up, with Rodney's cage strapped to the roof]
Maya Dolittle: Daddy, what's Rodney doing on the roof?
Dr. John Dolittle: I thought the fresh air would do him good.
Rodney: Lunatic! Crazy man! Psycho!
Dr. John Dolittle: [looks at Rodney murderously] ... Daddy, we still got those BB guns I used to play with when I was little?

Archer Dolittle: [to Lisa and Maya, the latter of whom has resolved to give up her experiments and be more like John] ... John's always been able to talk with animals. I used to think it was a handicap, but it's not; it's a gift. Sometimes, daddies are the ones who need to change.

Lisa Dolittle: [while John is operating on the tiger] He still thinks he can talk to animals.
Archer Dolittle: He can Lisa. He *can* talk to animals. It started when he was young. I thought it was a handicap. But it's a gift Lisa

5-Year-Old John Dolittle: She was my best friend.
Archer Dolittle: You'll make some real friends now.
Lucky: [narrating] From that day on, John Dolittle never spoke to animals again.
Archer Dolittle: Someday, you're gonna thank me for this.
Lucky: [narrating] And after a while, all he could remember was that deep down inside, there was something missing.