Maya Dolittle
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Maya Dolittle (Character)
from Doctor Dolittle (1998)

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Doctor Dolittle (1998)
Maya Dolittle: [Her pet guinea pig is missing] Dad, you HAVE to find Rodney.
Dr. John Dolittle: Sure, I'll find your rat.
Maya Dolittle: He's a guinea pig.
Dr. John Dolittle: Whatever; they're both rodents. I'll find your rodent; I'll put down some of that sticky paper for him.
Maya Dolittle: No, not that!
Dr. John Dolittle: It'll be fine; you peel him right off it, and he'll live.

Maya Dolittle: Grandpa, did Daddy learn how to be bossy from you?
Archer Dolittle: He certainly didn't learn it from his mother, God rest her soul.
[John's Range-Rover drives up, with Rodney's cage strapped to the roof]
Maya Dolittle: Daddy, what's Rodney doing on the roof?
Dr. John Dolittle: I thought the fresh air would do him good.
Rodney: Lunatic! Crazy man! Psycho!
Dr. John Dolittle: [looks at Rodney murderously] ... Daddy, we still got those BB guns I used to play with when I was little?

Maya Dolittle: [Lucky has conned John into taking him to Camp Hawkeye as a pet for Kyla] ... Does he do any tricks?
Dr. John Dolittle: He does a neat trick with a thermometer that's funny.

Dr. John Dolittle: I didn't say you were crazy, you're special, and crazy, a lot of great people in history were crazy.
Maya Dolittle: Like who?
Dr. John Dolittle: Some of the greatest people in history. Albert Einstein, he came in with that wild hair and everybody thought he was crazy. And Muhammad Ali, he came out saying what rounds he was going to beat people in, going "I'm the greatest!", everybody thought he was crazy. And Joan of Arc, she heard voices.
Maya Dolittle: Like you, Daddy?

Dr. John Dolittle: [annoyed that Maya is pestering him about an egg] I don't know what all the fuss is about. We went and bought you that thing anyway. You got a pet. What was that pet rat thing that we bought?
Maya Dolittle, Lisa Dolittle, Charisse Dolittle: A guinea pig.
Dr. John Dolittle: We got you the guinea rat, and the thing died. It's not our fault that it died.
Maya Dolittle: It didn't die. His name is Rodney, and he's in my room.
Dr. John Dolittle: So why are you bothering me about this swan? I'm going to work. I'm out of here. Good-bye.