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Aretha Robinson (Character)
from Ray (2004/I)

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Ray (2004/I)
Marlene: Gossie been cattin' with one of my waitresses since he got here. He never told me his partner was a blind 'Bama boy.
Oberon: Marlene, Demure called. Thurman's sick.
Marlene: What about Sassie.
Oberon: Flat tire.
Marlene: Alright, 'Bama, why don't you get up there and show me what you got.
Ray Charles: Well, I, I'm not really prepared to do my thing, I mean, right now, tonight.
Marlene: Well, this is the only audition you're gonna get, Puddin', so either get on up there or you and Gossie can haul your asses back down south.
Oberon: [hands Ray a joint] Here smoke some of this.
Ray Charles: [coughs] That ain't no tobacco, man!
Oberon: No. Hold it in. It'll calm you down.
Marlene: Alright, Oberon, get up there and introduce him.
Oberon: Yes, Maam!
Marlene: Come on, 'Bama.
Ray Charles: Yeah!
Oberon: I got a special treat for all you satin dolls and I'm not talking about Oberon's big thunder. No, that's for another show. We got some new blood for ya. Fresh off the bus from Florida I give you Ray "Don't Call Me Sugar" Robinson.
Ray Charles: How y'all doin' tonight?
Man in Bar: Better than you!
Oberon: Relax, Ray, relax!
Ray Charles: I got it. What do y'all wanna hear?
Aretha Robinson: How 'bout a little Nat King Cole?
Ray Charles: Y'all like Nat King Cole?
[begins playing]
Marlene: 'Bama ain't bad.
Oberon: I'd say he saved our asses.

[first lines]
Aretha Robinson: Always remember your promise to me. Never let nobody or nothing turn you into no cripple.

Aretha Robinson: If you want to do something to make your mama proud, promise me. Promise me you won't let nobody turn you into no cripple, you won't become no charity case, and you'll stand on your own two feet.
Young Ray Robinson: I promise.
Aretha Robinson: I love you, baby. I'm so proud of you.

Aretha Robinson: Somebody'll fetch you when the bus gets to St. Augustine. When your there, show'em this.
[name tag]
Aretha Robinson: Tell them your name is Ray Charles Robinson.
Aretha Robinson: An' the sandwiches I made, don't eat them all at once... ya hear me?
Young Ray Robinson: [starting to cry] Mama... please don't make me go away. I'll keep up with the normal kids. I'll be good, just like George.
Aretha Robinson: This got nothin' to do with George... I've taken you as far as I can, baby. The teachers at St. Augustine know things I can't teach you. An' you need an education in this world.
Young Ray Robinson: I don't want no education!
Aretha Robinson: Shh! don't say that!
Young Ray Robinson: I don't! I wanna stay here with you!
Aretha Robinson: Stop it, Ray! I won't have you livin' hand to mouth like me, you hear?
[after Ray nods]
Aretha Robinson: Now... If you wanna do something to make Mama proud, promise me you'll never let nobody turn you into no cripple... You won't become no charity case. An? you will *always* stand on your own two feet.
Young Ray Robinson: I promise.
Aretha Robinson: I love you baby... I'm so proud of you.

[as Ray is going blind]
Aretha Robinson: I'll show you how to do something once, I'll help you if you mess up twice, but the third time you're on your own. 'Cause that's how it is in the world.

Aretha Robinson, Ray Charles: Scratch a lie, find a thief.

Eula: Aretha! Aretha Robinson, what do you think you're doing?
Aretha Robinson: Eula Bench, you promised me to split these washbaskets fair and square!
Eula: And I did.
Aretha Robinson: Hell, you did! You charged them white folks one thing and paid me another!
Eula: Well, now, who's gonna wash all these?
Aretha Robinson: You can! Now pay me my money!
Eula: Alright, I'm gonna pay you your two little dollars, but don't you be expecting no more work from me!
Aretha Robinson: I got all the work I need from you! Ray, George, come on!
Eula: That's right! And don't y'all ever come back!
Aretha Robinson: [to Ray and George] Y'all got to learn to read and write real good, so you don't have to work for folks like them. Scratch a liar, find a thief. Understand?
Young Ray Robinson, Young George Robinson: Yes, ma'am.