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Milt Shaw (Character)
from Ray (2004/I)

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Ray (2004/I)
Milt Shaw: You know, Ray, your contract with Atlantic expires in 4 months.
Ray Charles: Yeah, I know. Ahmet and Jerry sent me my new contract. They're gonna double my royalties.
Milt Shaw: Before we go down that road again I thought I'd check and see what else was out there.
Ray Charles: Now, who told you to do that? Atlantic is family. Just like the Shaw agency.
Milt Shaw: Ray, my job is to find you the best deal out there. Now, I had a very productive meeting with the folks at ABC Paramount and they are very interested.
Ray Charles: No. How interested?
Milt Shaw: How about a 50 thousand dollar advance every year for the first three years? You choose your own music. They'll deduct recording costs and pay you 75 percent. Now, look, Ahmet and Jerry are flying in tomorrow night. Will you at least put them off until I have a chance to talk to the boys at ABC?
Ray Charles: Well, my mama always said there was nothin' wrong with talkin'.

Milt Shaw: Ray Charles. We believe in your talent. We want to be in the Ray Charles business. We've already got you booked on a ten city tour with Roy Milton's Solid Senders and Tangula, the exotic shake dancer.
Ahmet Ertegun: She is gorgeous.

Milt Shaw: He's off the Chitlin Circuit. Down Beat just voted him best male jazz vocalist by a two to one margin.
[short pause]
Milt Shaw: Well, if you want to keep him in Philadelphia, you're gonna find him a bigger venue.

Milt Shaw: Forget second billing. Ray Charles headlines at a thousand per or no deal.
Milt Shaw: Terrific.

Milt Shaw: He's filed a lawsuit, Ray, and it's more than a fine. This guy's got juice, he can get you barred from ever playing Georgia again. But he's willing to drop the suit if you make up the gig.
Ray Charles: Not if it's segregated.
Milt Shaw: Ray... I admire what you're doing, man, but you can't afford this. Georgia's our highest grossing state.
Ray Charles: I'm never playing another Jim Crow joint ever again, do you got that?
Milt Shaw: I got it.