Louise 'Babe' Bennett
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Louise 'Babe' Bennett (Character)
from Mr. Deeds Goes to Town (1936)

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Mr. Deeds (2002)
Babe: You must be Jan. My name is...
Jan: I know who you are. Wham-Bam Dawson, a.k.a. Little Miss Slut-slut.
Babe: Okay, I deserved that...
Jan: Do you have any idea how much you hurt him? You're not getting anywhere near that boy.
Babe: I have to find him, and there's nothing you can do to stop me.
Jan: [rolls up her sleeves] There's a lot I can do to stop you.
Babe: He needs to know how bad I feel, and I would go to the end of the earth, I would do anything, *anything*, to take back what I did to him.
Jan: ...I'm sorry? All I heard was, "blah blah blah, I'm a dirty tramp."

[Deeds comes to rescue a girl fallen into a frozen pond, but stops when he sees it's Babe]
Longfellow Deeds: Where do you got the camera hidden? In the woods?
Babe: [shivering] No camera! I'm s-s-so cold! Please!
Longfellow Deeds: You're gonna get mugged in there, too?
Babe: I'm s-s-s-so s-s-s-sorry! I really l-l-love you!
Longfellow Deeds: Bu-bu-bu-bu-bullshit!

Babe, aka "Pam Dawson": Oh, you have got to be shittin' me.
Longfellow Deeds: Whoa... that's the first time I've heard you curse.
Babe: I'm that excited.

Babe: And this is my brother Denny's room,
[opens a closet door]
Babe, aka "Pam Dawson": they didn't like my brother very much.

Babe: Awww, he's choking. We should leave.

Babe: [reading a poem Deeds wrote for her] "Hard to breathe / Feels like floating / So full of love my heart's exploding. / Mouth is dry / Hands are shaking / My heart is yours for the taking. / Acting weird / Not myself / Dancing around like the Keebler elf. / Finally time / for this poor schlubb / To know how it feels to fall in lub."
Longfellow Deeds: I couldn't find any other words that rhyme with "schlub..."
[Babe pulls Deeds towards her and the two kiss for one long moment]
Babe: Oh, Deeds... oh, I am so sorry...
[breaks into tears and runs away]
Longfellow Deeds: No, don't be... I mean, that was my first kiss too...

Jan: Tell you what: you get by me, I'll tell you where he is.
[cricks her neck]
Jan: Whoo! Feeling crazy!
Babe: [takes off her coat] Okay...
Jan: Come to mama!
[Babe charges, and Jan clotheslines her]
Babe: Ow...
Jan: I was a rodeo clown for six years. You're gonna have to step it up a notch, shorty.

Babe: At the lake, when you saved my life... which I never thanked you for...
Longfellow Deeds: You're welcome.
Babe: ...you said that you didn't know who I was, and it made me realize... I don't know who I am. So I started working on it, and here's what I've got so far: My name is Babe Bennett. I grew up in Sayasset, Long Island. I have brown eyes and I don't know what my natural hair colour is anymore. When I was in fifth grade, I got a crush on Walter Kronkite, and... and I really did have that Holly Hobby notebook I was telling you about. I love Bruce Springsteen, Allman Roka and Abbott and Costello movies. I don't like liquorice, or my ankles. Most importantly, I know that I messed up real bad, and I'd be willing to spend the rest of my life begging you to give me another chance, because I am so deeply in love with you, and I know that it's definitely that forever kind of love that...
Longfellow Deeds: You're crazy.
[Babe trails off into silence]
Longfellow Deeds: You have beautiful ankles.

[Babe twiddles with a camera hidden in her blouse]
Babe: I want a raise, Mac!

[Babe is fiddling with a camera hidden in her blouse, when she notices a fireman staring at her]
Babe: Uh... Fires excite me.

Babe: I was gonna tell you, Deeds...

Babe: I'm gonna tell him that I've fallen in love with him, and who I really am.
Mac McGrath: And what if he punches you?
Babe: I'm kinda hoping he does.
Mac McGrath: Ah, come off it, Babe. You'd actually leave all this for that dipstick?
Babe: He is not a dipstick! He is a kind, sweet-hearted guy who we think is a dipstick because he doesn't have our sense of cynicism and negative that we put into the news to make it sell!
Mac McGrath: Garbage!
Babe: Right!
Mac McGrath: Well, after this meeting, I'm going down to my limo and head across to my 16-floor mansion to touch my girlfriend's big fake pompoms!
Babe: Good for you, Mac. But I'm still gonna tell him.
Mac McGrath: I feel for you, I do. "Big journalist leaves career for Forrest Gump." I'm really gonna miss you...

[Deeds finds Babe trapped underneath a sheet of ice]
Longfellow Deeds: [removes his shoe] Get ready... here comes the foot!
Babe: NOOOO!
[Deeds shoves his frostbitten foot through the ice... right next to Babe]
Longfellow Deeds: I know, it's gross - grab it!
[pulls Babe out of the ice with the foot]

Longfellow Deeds: You didn't really fall out of an apple tree, did you?
Babe: No. But I really do love you.
Longfellow Deeds: I don't know who you are. I'm sorry...

[Deeds' poem is printed on greeting cards all over the state]
Babe: "Hard to breathe / Feels like floating..."
Reuben: "So full of love my heart's exploding..."
Emilio: [stroking a beautiful woman] "Mouth is dry / Hands are shaking..."
Cecil Anderson: [seated next to Kitty on a bench] "My heart is yours for the taking..."
Nazo, the Italian Delivery Man: [stroking a cat] "Acting weird / Not myself..."
Jan: "Dancing around like the Keebler elf..."
Longfellow Deeds: "Finally time / for this poor schlubb / To know how it feels to fall in lub."

[Deeds' rescue is warped and seen on the news as a twisted perversion]
Babe: He risked his life to save that woman and her pets! He was heroic!
Mac McGrath: [shrugs] Heroic is nice; depraved and insane is better.

Mr. Deeds Goes to Town (1936)
John Cedar: Your Honor, what she is saying has no bearing on the case. I object!
Judge May: Let her speak!
Babe Bennett: I know why he won't defend himself! That has a bearing on the case, hasn't it? He's been hurt, he's been hurt by everybody he met since he came here, principally by me. He's been the victim of every conniving crook in town. The newspapers pounced on him, made him a target for their feeble humor. I was smarter than the rest of them: I got closer to him, so I could laugh louder. Why shouldn't he keep quiet - every time he said anything it was twisted around to sound imbecilic! He can thank me for it. I handed the gang a grand laugh. It's a fitting climax to my sense of humor.
John Cedar: Why, Your Honor, this is preposterous.
Babe Bennett: Certainly I wrote those articles. I was going to get a raise, a month's vacation. But I stopped writing them when I found out what he was all about, when I realized how real he was. He could never fit in with our distorted viewpoint, because he's honest, and sincere, and good. If that man's crazy, Your Honor, the rest of us belong in straitjackets!
John Cedar: Your Honor, this is absurd. The woman's obviously in love with him.
Babe Bennett: What's that got to do with it?
John Cedar: Well, you are in love with him, aren't you?
Babe Bennett: What's that got to do with it?
John Cedar: You ARE, aren't you?
Babe Bennett: Yes!

Louise "Babe" Bennett: [Taking Mr. Deeds to see Grant's Tomb] To most people, it's an awful let-down... To most people, it's a washout.
Longfellow Deeds: Well, that depends on what they see.
Louise "Babe" Bennett: Now what do you see?
Longfellow Deeds: Me? Oh I see a small Ohio farm boy becoming a great soldier. I see thousands of marching men. I see General Lee with a broken heart surrendering. And I can see the beginning of a new nation, like Abraham Lincoln said. And I can see that Ohio boy being inaugurated as President. Things like that can only happen in a country like America.

Louise "Babe" Bennett: Mabel, that guy's either the dumbest, stupidest or the most imbecilic idiot in the world or else he's the grandest thing alive. I can't make him out... I'm crucifying him.
Mabel Dawson: People have been crucified before.
Louise "Babe" Bennett: Why? Why do we have to do it?
Mabel Dawson: You started out to be a successful newspaper woman, didn't ya?...
Louise "Babe" Bennett: Here's a guy that's wholesome and fresh. To us, he looks like a freak. Do you know what he told me tonight? He said when he gets married, he wants to carry his bride over the threshold in his arms... I tried to laugh, but I couldn't. It stuck in my throat... He's got goodness, Mabel. Do you know what that is?... No, of course you don't. We've forgotten. We're too busy being smart alecks. Too busy in a crazy competition for nothing.

Louise "Babe" Bennett: That guy is either the dumbest, stupidest, most imbecilic idiot in the world, or else he's the grandest thing alive. I can't make him out.

Longfellow Deeds: You know the poem I told you about? It's finished. Would you like to read it? It's to you.
Babe Bennett: Yes. Of course.
Longfellow Deeds: You don't have to say anything, Mary. You can tell me tomorrow what you think.
Babe Bennett: I tramped the Earth with hopeless feet / searching in vain for a glimpse of you / Then heaven thrust you at my very feet / a lovely angel, too lovely to woo / My dream has been answered, but my life's just as bleak / I'm handcuffed and speechless in your presence divine / For my heart longs to cry out. If it only could speak / I love you, my angel. Be mine. Be mine.