Young-Soon Choi
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Young-Soon Choi (Character)
from Lady in the Water (2006)

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Lady in the Water (2006)
Young-Soon Choi: Mr. Heep, my mom told me more of the story before she threw a cushion at me.

Young-Soon Choi: [repeatedly] Goodbye Mr Heep.

Young-Soon Choi: Mr. Leeds, it's time we prove that some stories are real!

Young-Soon Choi: [referring to her mother] Mr Heep! She told me a little bit more of the story before she throw cushion at me.
Cleveland Heep: Young-Soon... Uh, You haven't written anything lately, have you? A P-p-p-p-paper maybe?
Young-Soon Choi: Writing? No, Mr. Heap. This semester, all multiple choice courses. Young-Soon is not stupid.