Harry Farber
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Harry Farber (Character)
from Lady in the Water (2006)

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Lady in the Water (2006)
Harry Farber: This is like a moment from a horror movie.

Harry Farber: Hello? Is the bathroom on this level working?
[hears a growl in the dark]
Harry Farber: A dog inside the building. Go! Shoo! Why, you're not a dog at all. My god, this is like a moment from a horror movie.
Harry Farber: This is precisely the moment where the mutation or beast will attempt to kill an unlikable side character. But, in stories where there has been no prior cursing, nudity, violence, killing or death, such as in a family film, the unlikable character will narrowly escape his encounter, and be referenced later again in the story, having learned valuable lessons. He may even be given a humorous moment to allow the audience to feel good about him. This is where I turn to run. You will leap for me, I will shut the door, and you will land a fraction of a second too late.
[turns to run but is mauled]

Cleveland Heep: H-how was the movie?
Harry Farber: Sucked
Cleveland Heep: Oh... what a shame.
Harry Farber: Characters were walking around, saying their thoughts out loud. Who does that? And in a typical romance where the couple finally tell each other they love one another in the rain. Why does everyonelike to stand around and talk in the rain in movies?
Cleveland Heep: Um... well maybe it's a metaphor for purification; starting new.
Harry Farber: No, it's not!