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Story (Character)
from Lady in the Water (2006)

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Lady in the Water (2006)
Vick: Am I gonna die, because I wrote this?
Story: Yes.

Story: It's about to get very dangerous

Story: Do you wish to know your future?

Story: Thank you for letting me wear your beautiful shirt.

Story: Your sister will have seven children. You will see the first two.

Story: Do you want to know your future?
Vick: [yes]
Story: A boy, in the Midwest of this land, will grow up in a home where your book will be on the shelf and spoken of often. He will grow up with these ideas in his head. He will grow into a great orator. He will speak, and his words will be heard throughout this land and throughout the world. This boy will become leader of this country and begin a movement of great change. He will speak of you and your words, and your book will be the seeds of many of his great thoughts. They will be the seeds of change.
Anna Ran: [incredulous] The cookbook?

Story: [to Cleveland on the walkie talkie] Cleveland, Run!

Story: Man thinks they are each alone in this world. It is not true. You are all connected. One act can one day affect all.

Cleveland Heep: Hello Story, my name is Cleveland.
Story: From the cliffs. That's what your name means.
Cleveland Heep: Where did you learn that?
Story: From my studies.

Cleveland Heep: Where are you from?
Story: The Blue World.
Cleveland Heep: Is that an apartment?

Vick: Mr. Heep, I KNOW I sent in that form. I gave it to you on the stairs... My sister's all angry at me now.
Cleveland Heep: Well, i'll check again... By the way, this is my friend, Story.
Vick: ...hi
Story: [Looks up, then looks down shyly]
Cleveland Heep: [watches out of the corner of his eye] Uhh, yep, you were right, here it is.
Vick: ...Great.
Cleveland Heep: You alright? You look a little...
Vick: I'm feeling a little funny, it's nothing.
Cleveland Heep: [looks at Story] Is it a pins-and-needles kind of feeling?
Vick: Kind of... Yeah.
Cleveland Heep: Maybe you should go lie down.
Vick: [to Story] Nice meeting you.
Story: I'm so very happy we saw each other.

Story: [holding Cleveland's journal] Your thoughts are very sad. Most are of one night. A night a man entered your home when you were not there. He stole many things and killed your wife and children. That is when you stopped being happy. You were a doctor. I am very sorry for you. You believe you have no purpose. You help all that live here.
Cleveland Heep: Anybody can do this job, Story.
Story: You have a purpose. All beings have a purpose.

Story: [reading Cleveland's writings] Your words are very beautiful. Your heart is very big.

Story: Man thinks they're each alone in this world. It is not true. You are all connected. One act can one day affect all.