Bumpy Jonas
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Bumpy Jonas (Character)
from Shaft (1971)

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Shaft (1971)
Bumpy Jonas: Wrong number.
John Shaft: Cut the crap, man, this is Shaft.

Bumpy Jonas: [answering his phone] Wrong Number.
John Shaft: Don't bull me, man. I got the right number. This is Shaft.
Bumpy Jonas: How'd the hell you get this number?
John Shaft: Off a bathroom wall in the god damn subway!

John Shaft: I thought the money didn't matter to you. Just getting your baby back.
Bumpy Jonas: Money ALWAYS matters...

Bumpy Jonas: [answering his phone] Wrong Number.

John Shaft: You're a cagey spook, Bumpy.
Bumpy Jonas: You ride a tall horse, Mr Shaft.

Bumpy Jonas: When will I hear from you?
John Shaft: When I got something to say.

Bumpy Jonas: [Shaft takes Ben to see Bumpy, and Ben dislikes Bumpy, sight unseen - as he thinks Bumpy's a hustler and pimp. Bumpy sees them as more similiar than dis-similair] Don't you try to bullshit me, boy. We're all on the hustle. I sell broads and dope and numbers. You sell crap, and blue sky. It's all the same game.

Shaft's Big Score! (1972)
Shaft: What are you buzzards doing here?
Bumpy Jonas: Well, well. Ha. We go to a lot of funerals, Shaft, Willy and me. One day, we'll drop in on yours.
Willy: Real soon.
Shaft: You're not invited.

Shaft: Has Kelly been around here to see you lately?
Bumpy Jonas: Lots of cats come and go around here.