Andy 'Bucky' Buck
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Andy 'Bucky' Buck (Character)
from Jeepers Creepers II (2003)

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Jeepers Creepers II (2003)
[Taggert is looking for the disabled bus]
Taggert: Are there any landmarks nearby? What are you close to?
Buck: I'm close to pissing my fuckin' pants!

Buck: Two classes of people? What, the "will be eaten" and the "won't be eaten"?

Jack Taggart, Jr.: Are you still there?
Buck: I'm so fucking still here!
Jack Taggart, Jr.: Okay. Okay. Just say again what you just told me.
Buck: We're not playing games here, alright?
Jack Taggart, Jr.: Just say it man!
Buck: We are trapped in a broken down school bus out on East 9. And something is going to kill us if we don't get help out here right away!

Jonny Young: You gotta be...
Buck: ...fucking kidding me.