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Amos Andrews (Character)
from "Karen Sisco" (2003)

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"Karen Sisco: Blown Away (#1.1)" (2003)
Amos Andrews: I'd say welcome back, but you're not. I gave you a week off.
Karen Sisco: [holds up APB sheet] This guy, Washman? I know his M.O. If you want, I can pick him up.
Anya Devlin: [sitting in Amos' office] Hello, Karen?
Amos Andrews: [to Karen, softly] Devlin, Internal Affairs, shrink.

Anya Devlin: Your partner's report says that you were primary through the door, that the shooter was...
Karen Sisco: Are you asking or telling me?
Anya Devlin: Why don't you remember?
Amos Andrews: Oh, let me? Girl takes a .45 slug to the chest, enough to knock out a rhino. Wakes up with every bone in her body bruised, and a Tijuana-sized headache, something like that? I'm sure you've had nights like that. Do you remember the details?
Anya Devlin: [gives Amos a sour look, turns to Karen] Make an appointment, okay? Goodbye, Amos.
[Devlin leaves Amos' office]
Amos Andrews: Goodbye.
Karen Sisco: "Girl?"
Amos Andrews: A figure of speech. File the report. 'Til then, you're off warrants. Courthouse duty tomorrow. Today: take the rest of it off.
[Karen turns and walks away]
Amos Andrews: Off!
Karen Sisco: I heard you.