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Marshall Sisco (Character)
from Out of Sight (1998)

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"Karen Sisco: Blown Away (#1.1)" (2003)
[Karen gets a call from her father, Marshall, as she's driving to work]
Karen Sisco: Hi, Daddy.
Marshall Sisco: Listen to this: guy goes in to rob a bank, tells his partner to circle the block; he comes running out, gets hit by a car. Who do you think's driving?
Karen Sisco: The partner.
Marshall Sisco: [laughs] They say irony's dead.

Karen Sisco: You working today?
Marshall Sisco: Yeah. Guy in a wheelchair. Insurance scam.
Karen Sisco: How'd he get in the chair?
Marshall Sisco: Fell off his desk.
Karen Sisco: They'll do that on you.
Marshall Sisco: Every damn time.

Marshall Sisco: So, this new guy you're seeing, you tell him what you do yet?
Karen Sisco: He still wants to guess.
Marshall Sisco: Huh, sounds like an insurance agent.
Karen Sisco: [laughs] He's a charter fisherman. He owns a boat.

Marshall Sisco: I always wanted a boat.
Karen Sisco: Dad, you get seasick.
Marshall Sisco: What's that got to do with the price of eggs? Live by the ocean, man ought to have a boat.

Karen Sisco: I got to run.
Marshall Sisco: Why, you got something to do?
Karen Sisco: Yeah, I'm back at work.
Marshall Sisco: [pauses] How you feeling?
Karen Sisco: Not you too.
Marshall Sisco: I'll see you tomorrow night at poker.
Karen Sisco: Bye, Daddy.
Marshall Sisco: Bye, honey.

Marshall Sisco: [taking a photo of an insurance scammer] Smile, platehead.

[Karen is in her parked car trying to remember details of a shooting when her cell phone rings]
Karen Sisco: Sisco.
Marshall Sisco: You in the neighborhood?
Karen Sisco: Uh, not exactly.
Marshall Sisco: Great, come on by.

[Karen meets with her father Marshall at his favorite bar & restaurant]
Marshall Sisco: Ah, courthouse duty, that's exciting.
Mordecai Jones: [walks up and hands Marshall a manila envelope] Not too big on courthouses myself.
Karen Sisco: Mordecai, I thought you were doing time up at Glades?
Mordecai Jones: [smiling] Good behavior. Now I'm workin' for your dad.

[Marshall shows Karen photos of his insurance scam case]
Marshall Sisco: How do you get a guy to jump out of his wheelchair?
Karen Sisco: Set fire to his pants?
Marshall Sisco: His pants are already on fire.
Karen Sisco: She the physical therapist?
Mordecai Jones: How'd you guess?
Karen Sisco: The lipstick.
Marshall Sisco: [to Mordecai] I told you she was good.

Mordecai Jones: [to Karen] You tell that guy what you do yet?
[Karen looks at her father]
Marshall Sisco: We were talkin' boats. The subject ceme up.
Karen Sisco: Naturally.
Mordecai Jones: Man ought to have a boat.

Marshall Sisco: Hemingway had a boat.
Karen Sisco: Hemingway knew how to swim.
Marshall Sisco: Details. Amos called.
Karen Sisco: Ah.
Marshall Sisco: He asked me to talk to you.
[Karen gives her father a look]
Marshall Sisco: So we talked. You look great. Don't stay out too late.

Out of Sight (1998)
[Opening a birthday gift from dad]
Karen Sisco: Oh my God, it's beautiful.
Marshall Sisco: It's a um...
Karen Sisco: Sig-Sauer 380.
Marshall Sisco: Right.
Karen Sisco: I love it, thanks Dad.

Marshall Sisco: Yeah, so I read in the paper that this guy escapes from jail, ends up at this guy's wife's house and she lets him in. So he tells her his story and she feels, sorry for him, and they sleep together.
Ray Nicolet: Yeah.
Marshall Sisco: Yeah, so I guess that's how you score these days.

[Ray is wearing an "FBI" t-shirt]
Marshall Sisco: Hey Ray, do you ever wear one that says "undercover"?
Ray Nicolet: [pause] No.

Marshall Sisco: Are you gonna go get him?
Karen Sisco: It's possible, why?
Marshall Sisco: Well, I was thinking, you could have a nice time with him on the ride down - like picking up where your interlude or whatever you call it left off - and then you could throw him in the shit house!