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Karen Sisco (Character)
from Out of Sight (1998)

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"Karen Sisco: Blown Away (#1.1)" (2003)
[Karen Sisco is having drinks with her date, Carl, at a bar by the harbor]
Carl Lokens: Let me guess. Schoolteacher.
Karen Sisco: No.
[takes a sip of her drink]
Carl Lokens: Social worker?
Karen Sisco: [smiles, shakes head no] Mm-mm.
Carl Lokens: Lawyer?
Karen Sisco: What kind of lawyer?
Carl Lokens: Contracts.
Karen Sisco: [smiling, shakes head] Not a lawyer.
Carl Lokens: [pauses for a moment, thinking] Um, art dealer? Stolen paintings? Right? Shipped in from New York?
Karen Sisco: [chuckles softly] Want me to tell you?
Carl Lokens: [smiling back at her] No.

[Karen notices Carl twirling an unlit cigarette with one hand as they have drinks]
Karen Sisco: What's with the cigarette?
Carl Lokens: I quit. It's just to remind me.
Karen Sisco: Of what?
Carl Lokens: That I can. Give me a hint.
Karen Sisco: [chuckles softly, shaking her head] Play the game, play the rules.

[while having drinks, Carl notices the bruise on Karen's chest that she got three days earlier in pursuit of a fugitive who shot her bulletproof vest]
Carl Lokens: Is that a birthmark?
Karen Sisco: Something like that.

Carl Lokens: [trying to guess what Karen does for a living] Yoga instructor?
Karen Sisco: Give up?
Carl Lokens: [smiles, shakes his head] Never.
Karen Sisco: We'll see.

[Karen gets a call from her father, Marshall, as she's driving to work]
Karen Sisco: Hi, Daddy.
Marshall Sisco: Listen to this: guy goes in to rob a bank, tells his partner to circle the block; he comes running out, gets hit by a car. Who do you think's driving?
Karen Sisco: The partner.
Marshall Sisco: [laughs] They say irony's dead.

Karen Sisco: You working today?
Marshall Sisco: Yeah. Guy in a wheelchair. Insurance scam.
Karen Sisco: How'd he get in the chair?
Marshall Sisco: Fell off his desk.
Karen Sisco: They'll do that on you.
Marshall Sisco: Every damn time.

Marshall Sisco: So, this new guy you're seeing, you tell him what you do yet?
Karen Sisco: He still wants to guess.
Marshall Sisco: Huh, sounds like an insurance agent.
Karen Sisco: [laughs] He's a charter fisherman. He owns a boat.

Marshall Sisco: I always wanted a boat.
Karen Sisco: Dad, you get seasick.
Marshall Sisco: What's that got to do with the price of eggs? Live by the ocean, man ought to have a boat.

Karen Sisco: I got to run.
Marshall Sisco: Why, you got something to do?
Karen Sisco: Yeah, I'm back at work.
Marshall Sisco: [pauses] How you feeling?
Karen Sisco: Not you too.
Marshall Sisco: I'll see you tomorrow night at poker.
Karen Sisco: Bye, Daddy.
Marshall Sisco: Bye, honey.

Danny Quintero: Did you get my report?
Karen Sisco: I did.
Danny Quintero: Did you read it?
Karen Sisco: Not 'til I finish mine.
Danny Quintero: Still fuzzy on the details?
Karen Sisco: Bits and pieces.
Danny Quintero: Well, you know, if you need any help...
Karen Sisco: I'll let you know.
Danny Quintero: It was good, though. Textbook.
Karen Sisco: If it was textbook, how come the guy's dead?
Konner: [standing nearby] Good point.

Karen Sisco: Who's the new guy?
Danny Quintero: Konner, transfer from D.C. Brought in Hector Marcante, solo. Dad told me all about him.

Amos Andrews: I'd say welcome back, but you're not. I gave you a week off.
Karen Sisco: [holds up APB sheet] This guy, Washman? I know his M.O. If you want, I can pick him up.
Anya Devlin: [sitting in Amos' office] Hello, Karen?
Amos Andrews: [to Karen, softly] Devlin, Internal Affairs, shrink.

[Karen meets with Devlin, the department psychologist, in Amos' office]
Anya Devlin: Just dropped by to check on your progress. Standard procedure after a fatal. See if we can arrange a time to talk?
Karen Sisco: Thanks, I'm not really a talker.
Anya Devlin: Well, the wrinkle here is you haven't filed a report.
Karen Sisco: Oh, I'll file it.
Anya Devlin: Great. When?
Karen Sisco: When I'm clear on what happened.
Anya Devlin: So you still don't remember.
Karen Sisco: It'll come to me.

Anya Devlin: Your partner's report says that you were primary through the door, that the shooter was...
Karen Sisco: Are you asking or telling me?
Anya Devlin: Why don't you remember?
Amos Andrews: Oh, let me? Girl takes a .45 slug to the chest, enough to knock out a rhino. Wakes up with every bone in her body bruised, and a Tijuana-sized headache, something like that? I'm sure you've had nights like that. Do you remember the details?
Anya Devlin: [gives Amos a sour look, turns to Karen] Make an appointment, okay? Goodbye, Amos.
[Devlin leaves Amos' office]
Amos Andrews: Goodbye.
Karen Sisco: "Girl?"
Amos Andrews: A figure of speech. File the report. 'Til then, you're off warrants. Courthouse duty tomorrow. Today: take the rest of it off.
[Karen turns and walks away]
Amos Andrews: Off!
Karen Sisco: I heard you.

[Karen is in her parked car trying to remember details of a shooting when her cell phone rings]
Karen Sisco: Sisco.
Marshall Sisco: You in the neighborhood?
Karen Sisco: Uh, not exactly.
Marshall Sisco: Great, come on by.

[Karen meets with her father Marshall at his favorite bar & restaurant]
Marshall Sisco: Ah, courthouse duty, that's exciting.
Mordecai Jones: [walks up and hands Marshall a manila envelope] Not too big on courthouses myself.
Karen Sisco: Mordecai, I thought you were doing time up at Glades?
Mordecai Jones: [smiling] Good behavior. Now I'm workin' for your dad.

[Marshall shows Karen photos of his insurance scam case]
Marshall Sisco: How do you get a guy to jump out of his wheelchair?
Karen Sisco: Set fire to his pants?
Marshall Sisco: His pants are already on fire.
Karen Sisco: She the physical therapist?
Mordecai Jones: How'd you guess?
Karen Sisco: The lipstick.
Marshall Sisco: [to Mordecai] I told you she was good.

Mordecai Jones: [to Karen] You tell that guy what you do yet?
[Karen looks at her father]
Marshall Sisco: We were talkin' boats. The subject ceme up.
Karen Sisco: Naturally.
Mordecai Jones: Man ought to have a boat.

Marshall Sisco: Hemingway had a boat.
Karen Sisco: Hemingway knew how to swim.
Marshall Sisco: Details. Amos called.
Karen Sisco: Ah.
Marshall Sisco: He asked me to talk to you.
[Karen gives her father a look]
Marshall Sisco: So we talked. You look great. Don't stay out too late.

Out of Sight (1998)
[Opening a birthday gift from dad]
Karen Sisco: Oh my God, it's beautiful.
Marshall Sisco: It's a um...
Karen Sisco: Sig-Sauer 380.
Marshall Sisco: Right.
Karen Sisco: I love it, thanks Dad.

Jack Foley: What's in this can?
Karen Sisco: That's for your breath. You could use it. Squirt some in your mouth.
Jack Foley: Yeah, well that's mace, isn't it?

Karen Sisco: Oh, that's right, you have my wallet. Why don't you come by the house, you can drop it off?
Jack Foley: Sure, I'll leave it with the S.W.A.T. guy who answers the door.

Marshall Sisco: Are you gonna go get him?
Karen Sisco: It's possible, why?
Marshall Sisco: Well, I was thinking, you could have a nice time with him on the ride down - like picking up where your interlude or whatever you call it left off - and then you could throw him in the shit house!

[interrupting a man who is rambling about his life, trying to pick her up in a bar]
Karen Sisco: Andy. Really... who gives a shit?

Karen Sisco: You're not dumb.
Jack Foley: [starts to say something, then laughs] Well, I don't know. You can't do three falls and say you have much of a brain.

Karen Sisco: You wanted to tussle. We tussled.

Karen Sisco: You think I'll shoot you?
Jack Foley: If you don't someone else will.
Karen Sisco: Put the gun down.
Jack Foley: I'm not going back.
Karen Sisco: Jack please don't make me do this. Put the gun down.
Jack Foley: No more timeouts.

Karen Sisco: I'm sale rep, and I came her to call on a customer, but they gave me a hard time, because I'm a girl.
Jack Foley: Is that how you think of yourself?
Karen Sisco: As a sales rep?
Jack Foley: As a girl...

"Karen Sisco: The One That Got Away (#1.3)" (2003)
[in custody, Pell talks to Karen through an open panel of a prisoner transport vehicle.]
Nicholas Pell: A woman like you, I could have loved.
Karen Sisco: And there's my luck.
[slides the panel shut]