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Sir Danvers Carew (Character)
from Mary Reilly (1996)

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Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1920/I)
Sir George Carew: In devoting yourself to others, Jekyll, aren't you neglecting the development of your own life?
Sir George Carew, Dr. Henry Jekyll: Isn't it by serving others that one develops oneself, Sir George?
Sir George Carew: Which self? A man has two two - as he has two hands. Because I use my right hand, Should I never use my left?
[Carew pointedly moves both hands indepemdently, making his point known to the whole table]
Sir George Carew: Your really strong man fears nothing. It is the weak one that is afraid of - - experience.

Sir George Carew: [to Jekyll] A man cannot destroy the savage in him by denying its impulses. They only way to get rid of a temptation is to yield to it.

Sir George Carew: [Obviously attracted to her] My dear Lady Camden, a beautiful woman like you is Paradise for the eyes - - but Hell for the soul!

Jekyll & Hyde: The Musical (2001) (TV)
Lord Theodore Savage: It's a waste of time. Who does this Jekyll think he is.
General Lord Glossop: Impertinence like that in the army would have earned him a good flogging.
Mr. John Utterson, Esq.: The perfect way to stamp out any nasty signs of progress eh General?
General Lord Glossop: Absolutely.
Rupert, the 14th Bishop of Basingstoke: He's tinkering with a man's soul and I don't like it. He's lucky we are living in modern times. Today's penalties for heresy are not what they should be.
Mr. John Utterson, Esq.: Then we should thank the good Lord that we have you to represent modern times, your Grace.
Lord Theodore Savage: If Jekyll is as sensible as you say he is then what is he doing trying to save paupers and madmen? What possible use is that? I've lived in St. James for sixty years and I've never even seen a pauper or a madman.
Lady Elizabeth Beaconsfield: I think he's mad if you must know. Danvers, we are talking about your future son-in-law and I think you're mad to let him marry your daughter.
Emma Alice Margaret Carew: That's not father's decision Lady Beaconsfield. It's mine.
Sir Danvers Carew: Don't worry Bessie. Whatever your opinion of him as a scientist may be, Emma assures me Henry Jekyll is impeccable husband material.

Jekyll: [after explaining his theory to the board of Saint Jude's] A volunteer, I hope.
Right Honourable Sir Archibald Proops: A volunteer mental patient?
Right Honourable Sir Archibald Proops: Very good.
Jekyll: A man of whom society has already abandoned. An inmate of this prison...
Sir Danvers Carew: Prison? Now, Henry...
Lady Elizabeth Beaconsfield: And you would perform your surgery on this pitiful creature's brain?
Jekyll: No. As I've already explained to this aghust body: my treatment takes the form of rare drugs, precisely combined, and administered through hypodermic injection!
Rupert, the 14th Bishop of Basingstoke: WHAT?

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (2003) (TV)
[to Dr Jekyll who thinks he's Mr Hyde]
Sir Danvers Carew: Enough of this! You're insane!