Mary Reilly
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Mary Reilly (Character)
from Mary Reilly (1996)

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Mary Reilly (1996)
Mary Reilly: He said you have an illness. What kind of an illness?
Dr. Henry Jekyll: You might call it a fracture in my soul, something which left me with a taste for oblivion.

[last lines]
Dr. Henry Jekyll: I wanted the night, you see. A - and here it is.
Mary Reilly: You said you didn't care what the world thought of you. Nor will I.

Mary Reilly: Is Evil stronger than Good?
Mr. Edward Hyde: You tell me.

Dr. Henry Jekyll: Haven't you ever wished for a completely new life, Mary?
Mary Reilly: No sir. What good would that do?
Dr. Henry Jekyll: I mean, suppose you were able to do absolutely whatever you wanted, with no consequences and no regrets? Then what?
Mary Reilly: I don't believe there's such a thing as actions without consequences.

Mary Reilly: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde would like some tea.

Mr. Edward Hyde: I feel differently with you. Why should that be? You still the rage.
Mary Reilly: Where does it come from, Sir, this rage?
Mr. Edward Hyde: How should I know? It comes in like the tide.

[first lines]
Dr. Henry Jekyll: I'm not going to bite you.
Mary Reilly: I'm sorry, sir, you gave me a fright.
Dr. Henry Jekyll: You're up very early.
Mary Reilly: I'm generally up by five, sir, otherwise I get behind.

Dr. Henry Jekyll: When we had our talk, you refused to say you hated your father.
Mary Reilly: I don't.
Dr. Henry Jekyll: Why not?
Mary Reilly: He put a dark place in me and I can't forgive him for that, but it's part of me now, and how can I regret what I am? Though it often makes me sad.
Dr. Henry Jekyll: Oh, well, sadness, yes, that can't helped. That comes in like the tide.

Mary Reilly: [Upon seeing her mother's corpse] A poor wage for a lifetime's drudgery!